Zoom 7.2.1 Release Notes


Release Date: 29th August 2018

Evolphin Zoom 7.2.1-RELEASE.58 is a full release consisting of Linux and Windows servers, and Windows and Mac clients.

Apply the HADR fix patch on this Zoom version 7.2.1-RELEASE.58-2ec101478 to fix the bug in Zoom NonStop setups.

New Features

  • Export in Adobe apps: Zoom Adobe plugin now also supports exporting from Sketch.
  • External Collections in Web Client: Web Client now supports external and internal collections. External collections have their own permissions separate from internal Zoom permissions, while internal collections are not accessible by anyone outside the Zoom user and role assignment. Check more details about collections and external and internal users of Web Client.
  • Enable auto-save confirmation: Before auto-saving assets in the Links or Exports tab, Zoom Adobe plugin can be configured to show a confirmation dialog now. The auto-save only happens if the user chooses so in the confirmation dialog.

Usability Enhancements

  • The licensing model is enhanced to provide support for a wider range of users and sessions. Check the Zoom License post to know more about users and sessions in Zoom.
  • File auto-save in Zoom Adobe plugin is configurable from inside the plugin preferences.
  • Searching from inside the Zoom Adobe plugin is faster now.
  • Dynamic collections created from the Asset Browser cannot have fixed versions for assets inside the collection.

Major Fixes

  • Asset previews are always visible in the Web Client now.
  • If the owner of a collection is deleted then the collection will show an anonymous user as its owner and no assets will be visible inside the collection to any user, except the super admin.
  • Admin users can now convert external users to internal users and also delete external users.
  • For Adobe InDesign using Zoom Adobe plugin, multiple page PDF exports are not failing now.
  • For Adobe Illustrator using Zoom Adobe plugin, unversioned links now appear under the Linked Files tab.
  • Auto-resolve link in Zoom Adobe plugin now finishes with correct status messages.
  • In Zoom Adobe plugin, auto-resolve is not triggered now when links do not need to be resolved.
  • On a VideoLX setup, for Adobe Premiere Pro using Zoom Adobe plugin, sync does not fail now for any project where disk path is null.
  • In Adobe Premiere Pro using Zoom Adobe plugin, links are pointing to correct assets after check-in.
  • Zoom Adobe plugin can still connect to its Zoom Server when SSL is enabled but some SSL properties on the Zoom Server are not configured correctly.
  • In Adobe Premiere Pro using Zoom Adobe plugin with a high-res setup, check-in is not prolonged now.
  • All logical operators are working in the Uber Search in the Asset Browser now.
  • Multiple asset IDs are not displayed in the Asset Browser during and after importing a large number of assets.
  • Projects with ‘Hold’ status are not displayed in the Asset Browser now.
  • In a VideoLX setup using default metadata values with mandatory metadata, the metadata values provided by the user during check-in are now preserved after the low-res proxy of the asset is checked-in.
  • In the Web Client, owner of a collection can remove assets from the collection anytime now, even if the collection’s project vault is changed.
  • In the Web Client, the collections’ thumbnail is only made up of assets within it now.
  • Shared public collections from the Web Client can now be reloaded in the browser as the collection id is preserved after the first load.
  • Only a single email is sent out when a collection is shared with multiple users in the Web Client.
  • When shared collection users sign up for the Web Client, they may log in to the Web Client soon after without reloading the browser window.
  • In the Web Client, users get an error message when trying to add a comment on an asset in a collection, when all web collection licenses have been exhausted.
  • The email sent out when an asset in a collection is modified, is more descriptive now.
  • In the Web Client, the autocomplete list under the search box does not list any assets that do not match the filters that are already set on the Assets page.
  • Users with upload rights to a static collection can now upload assets even if they do not have any rights on the project vault in Zoom repository.

Major Pending Issues

  • Folders created by a user in the Asset Browser are appearing in dynamic collections inside the Web Client.
  • No notification email is sent when assets are approved/rejected in the Web Client.
  • Sometimes, Web Client is unable to complete operations like loading asset preview or uploading asset to a collection.
  • On a Windows Server-based Zoom Server, asset or collection download as PDF fails in the Web Client. It also fails on a Windows Server-based Zoom NonStop setup. To fix this, follow the PDF generation fix.
  • For Adobe InDesign using Zoom Adobe plugin, PDF export of a single page out of multiple results in all pages in the PDF to be exported.
  • Sometimes, for Adobe Photoshop on a Mac machine, if ‘Extract Links & Layers’ is enabled in Zoom Adobe plugin, then link and layer information is not saved in Zoom for a newly checked-in file that had links to existing checked-out assets.
  • Sometimes, for Adobe Photoshop 19.1.5 using Zoom Adobe plugin on a Mac, linked assets are listed twice in the Linked Files tab. To fix this, either choose Revert Project or close and re-open the project.
  • For Adobe Premiere Pro using Zoom Adobe plugin, export progress hangs without reporting any error if Adobe Media is closed during export.

Minor Pending Issues

  • No notification mail is triggered in case an asset approve/reject status is changed inside a collection in the Web Client.
  • The user is unable to login through the Zoom Adobe plugin in the non-SSL mode when a few SSL properties on the Zoom Server are set for SSL mode.
  • A hidden collection is still visible to non-admin users of a collection when filtering out hidden collections.

Third-party Software Versions

Zoom 7.2.1 builds have been tested against the following:

Operating Systems (Servers)Linux RHEL 6.7, Linux RHEL 7.0, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard
Operating Systems (Clients)Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 7, macOS Sierra 10.12.6, macOS High Sierra 10.13
BrowsersChrome 62.0.3202, Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0, Firefox 57.0, Safari 11.0.1
Adobe Photoshop 19.1.5 (2018)
Adobe Illustrator 22.1 (2018)
Adobe InDesign 13.1 (2018)
Adobe Premiere Pro 12.1.2 (2018)
Adobe After Effects 15.1.2 (2018)
Adobe InCopy 13.1 (2018)
MAXON Cinema4D 18.020, 19.008
Adobe Flash Player27.0.0.187
Adobe AIR27.0.0.124
Telestream Vantage7.1
SGL Flashnet6.8.4.12
Amazon AWS CLI1.15.10


  • This release is compatible with bits 7.2.1-RELEASE.58 and above.