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Issuing search queries to the Zoom database

using JavaServer Pages

While the Asset Browser provides robust search capabilities for users, administrators can sometimes find that this doesn’t meet their needs. We have developed a JavaServer Pages tool to be used in conjunction with the Web Management Console in order to help administrators retrieve metrics that they can then migrate to a format of their choosing.

Note that you will need to contact Evolphin Support for assistance as this command requires a file not available in a regular Zoom deployment.

Setting Up The JavaServer Pages File

Copy the repo-stats.jsp file to /web/app/webmin/jsp/repo/ under your Zoom installation folder.


Running The JavaServer Pages Call

Make sure there is an open session of the Web Management Console in your browser.

In a new browser tab, type the following command and replace the default values with your company’s: http://zm-server:8443/jsp/repo/repo-stats.jsp?input=java&print-paths=true&skip-purged=false&project=trimmer&extensions=true.

input The file extension or any string that a user is looking for.
project The project name to restrict lookup within it; if not specified, will search through out the repo.
skip-purged Specify as false if you want to include purged fuids also; default is true. 
print-paths Specify as true if you want to print the full repo paths of the matching fuids; it is false by default. 
extensions Specify as false if you want to search anywhere in the file name; the default setting is true and will only try to match the input string as file extension.






JSP Call 1: http://localhost:8443/jsp/repo/repo-stats.jsp?input=java

JSP Call 2: http://localhost:8443/jsp/repo/repo-stats.jsp?input=java&print-paths=true&skip-purged=false&project=trimmer&extensions=true


Sample output for JSP Call 2:

251: /trimmer/
205: /trimmer/
249: /trimmer/
252: /trimmer/
206: /trimmer/
250: /trimmer/
204: /trimmer/
207: /trimmer/
Count of assets with input pattern: 8