Managing Projects

A project is a set of files in Zoom that a Zoom user has access to only if they are a member of that project. A user may also have specific permissions pertaining to a project. A project called defproj is created automatically during initial installation.

Users with ADMINISTER permission have access to edit projects. They set the up the root directory in the Zoom Server for the project, i.e. the exact location in the Zoom repository where all the digital assets for the project are held. The administrator can add/remove team members. Users are not able to access assets in a project until they are added to the project.

Creating a Project

  1. In the  [glossary slug=’webmin’ /] under Project Management clickclip_Create New project040 Create a new project.
  2. Enter the following items:
    Name,jsmith,Name of the project.
    Project Status,Smith,Status of the project.
    Branch,John,Change this to head.
    Path,,The name of the folder to place in Zoom
    Project Lead,,User that has Administer permissions to this project
  3. Click Save.

Assign Project Users

  1. In the  [glossary slug=’webmin’ /] under Project Management click clip_Assign project users042Assign Project Users.
  2. Under Project Nameselect the desired project.
  3. In the All Users column, select the users you would like to add.
Map users to project
Map users to a specified project.
  • Click Add.
  • Click Save.
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