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List of new features and enhancements in 5.5 release

New Features and Enhancements

  • Visual Asset Browser revamped. Key new features are –
    • Performance improvement towards higher responsiveness and scalability
    • Collapsible panels for Metadata, Links and Layers, Keywords, Collections, Path and Changeset navigators.
    • Configurable thumbnail sizes
    • Breadcrumb trail in search and browse views
    • Forward and back buttons for navigation
    • Provision to preserve user preferences like panel open/close states, panel sizes etc.
    • Provision to configure different sets of metadata properties to highlight in different views
    • Provision to enable / disable any alerts (this option is available in Z-menu as well)
    • Provision to enable / disable enforcing of mandatory metadata check on the client-side
    • Provision to download multiple assets using custom format if a common output format is available for the selected input file-types.
    • Provision to optionally unlock any locked files when they get de-linked.
  • Support for Workflow in HADR mode has been added with particular emphasis on being able to run auto-tasks.
  • Flattening of versioning history added now. Using this feature, it will become possible to discard the history of modifications and make an asset available in only its latest form. (Zoom Flatten)
  • Cinema 4D team-render support has been added. (Zoom C4D Team Render Support)
  • Support for full-text search has been added. (File Content Search)
  • Archive and restore operations now support pre-operation and post-operation hooks that can be configured from the Archive Settings in the Server Control Panel; these hooks can be used to provide powerful customized behaviours for individual deployments.
  • Support has been added to save / configure / choose user-defined metadata presets in the check-in forms. (Metadata Presets)
  • Propagation of metadata of one asset to one or more assets is now made possible.
  • Support has been added for multi-line property values in metadata handling. (Metadata Configuration)
  • Support has been added to customize the Check-in dialog layout in terms of panel sizes; user preferences will be preserved in subsequent invocations.
  • Drag and drop of assets is now made available in list and portfolio views as well (similar to what we already have in grid view).
  • Zoom plug-ins for CC 2015 available; a separate installer will also be packaged now as Adobe has removed support for Extension Manager from CC 2015. (CC 2015 Installer)
  • Support for auto-checkout mount point has been enhanced. (Auto Checkout Mount Points)
  • Support for a unique mechanism of third-party mount points has been added. (Third Party Mount Points)
  • Smart-copies and their sources can now be archived / purged.
  • Structured search (file-name search + advanced options) has been enhanced to only return the latest revision by default; all revisions can be obtained by enabling a menu option in the search scope.