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Configuring Mandatory Metadata at Checkin


Checkin Dialog in Asset Browser
Checkin Dialog in Asset Browser

Mandatory Checkin is a feature added in Zoom 5.1 that allows administrators to require users to input metadata before assets can be ingested into Zoom. This encourages users to input metadata which makes assets more searchable for users. Once enabled, all new assets or new revisions of assets must adhere to the Mandatory Metadata polices.

By default, Mandatory Checkin is not enabled when Zoom is initially installed and has to be configured by the Zoom Administrator. Zoom Administrators are able to choose which metadata fields are mandatory, optional, or not displayed within the Checkin window.

Metadata fields that will be visible within the Check panel must have their type set to optional or mandatory. For additional information on how to configure the metadata field types, please refer to the Configuring Metadata.

Please ensure the metadata groups that contain mandatory or optional fields have editable attribute set to true:

Enable Mandatory Checkin

After the metadata fields have been set to be visible in the Checkin dialog, Mandatory Checkin needs to be enabled through the Web Management Console.

  1. Log into the Web Management Console at http://[YourZoomServer]:8443 using your preferred web browser.
  2. Click on Server Control Panel in the left sidebar.
  3. Click Repository Settings
  4. Enable Enforces Mandatory Metadata on every Checkin.
  5. When prompted to restart the Zoom server, click Yes.