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Query Based Searching

in Zoom 6.0 and above

In Zoom 6.0 and above, support has been added for query-based searching, where the users can issue complex searches without setting up the advanced search parameters. An intuitive syntax is provided to build up the queries.


As user start typing in the top search panel, drop-down containing the list of possible values will be displayed, to help the user completing the syntax.


1. Search for all assets having IPTC City = Adelaide

  • Start typing city
  • Click on city from the auto-complete drop-down

Searching for IPTC City


  • As City is selected, It will show a set of values corresponding to the selected metadata property.

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 6.35.59 PM


  • Click on Adelaide, it will add value to the syntax.
  • Click on Search Icon – It will fetch all the assets having city Adelaide.

2. Searching for values in range like all assets having IPTC Rating between 2 - 5

  • Start typing rating 
  • Select IPTC Rating from drop down
  • Now it will show a pipe | symbol for the metadata value.
  • Add 2 on the left of pipe and 5 on the right
  • Click the Search Icon


3. Similarly, the user can search other properties like Asset ID, Repository Revision Number, Project etc.

Use Of Operators In Query

There are 3 types of operators supported

  • AND -> Use this to search for assets having both the values like

              IPTC_City: Adelaide AND IPTC_Title: Interview

  • OR ->  Use this to search for assets having either of the values like 

              IPTC_City: Adelaide OR IPTC_Title: Sports

  • NOT -> Use this to search for assets not matching the specified values like  

              NOT IPTC_City: Boston  

            It will fetch all assets which don’t have IPTC City as Boston.