ID: 1965

Archive and Restore for the End-Users

Zoom users can invoke archive or restore operations from various client interfaces like the command line, or from the Asset Browser.

Check here for details about the configuration and management related to the archive module:

A user who is in a role with permission levels of EDIT_ALL will be allowed to invoke archive of assets in the corresponding project. The option is available both in the right-click context menu and from the cart menu, within the Asset Browser.

For users who have permission higher than EDIT_ALL, any restore request will go through directly.

For users who have permission less than EDIT_ALL but equal to or above CONTRIBUTE, the request may be completed or be converted into a petition depending on the following.

If the restore-threshold in the archive configuration is set to a value other than -1, then for file sizes less than that threshold, the end user’s restore request is automatically escalated to an actual restore operation. Such assets will be restored immediately and do not need any administrator intervention. For assets of larger sizes, the request is converted into a petition. The administrators will then have to parse the request from the Web Administration Console and decide whether or not to allow restore of the relevant assets.




All archive / restore operations are accompanied by email notifications to the super-admins and project-admins. Apart from that, for restore petitions, the petitioner is also notified through email whether a request was approved or rejected.