Tips for Zoom Global Search

Here are some pointers on how to make effective use of the Zoom global search paradigm.

Search via the Asset Browser has been detailed in this link here:

From the command line client, you could invoke the same search using the following command

> zm -s http://zm-server:8880 find -e "tulips"

The above command will invoke the zoom “find” command and look everywhere (as indicated by the option “-e”) for the phrase “tulips”.

Where is everywhere?

  • File names and folder names
  • Metadata property names and property values
  • Keywords
  • Revision comments
  • Repository revision number (a.k.a. RRN)
  • Authors who add / modify / delete content on the repository
  • Asset ID of the assets (For example, “asset ID 243” will look up the asset of ID 243, and return all details about it)

Multiple Input Strings

You can enter multiple strings separated by white-space. In this case, by default, only those assets are returned which match all the entered string in any of the above mentioned criteria.

For example, if you search for “tulips” and “Smith”, the matches will include say a file called “tulips.jpg” that has a metadata property called author set to “Smith”.


Additional Information

  1. In the command line you could further control the search query by specifying an addition option “–any”. This will return assets which match any one of the input strings.
  2. You can specify the full repository path of an asset (available on the right-click context menu in the Asset Browser) and invoke global search to see all the details about that asset.
  3. If you have to search for strings containing spaces in between, do enclose the strings within double quotes.
Note that the global search is not case-sensitive.

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