Linked Metadata

Through Linked Metadata you can create links between certain metadata fields which will show up in the check-in form containing mandatory metadata.

For example, if IPTC copyright status is a mandatory metadata field, and if user selects Others as value for this field then we want IPTC copyright terms field to be added in the mandatory metadata check-in form.


Steps to create linked metadata

  • Go to zoom installation folder
  • open metadataspec.xml from ZOOM_INSTALL_DIR/conf directory.
  • Find IPTC copyright status metadata field. Add the attributes linkedkey and linkedwith
    • linkedkey -> Metadata field value, if user select this as value for the field then it will add linked metadata to the form.
    • linkedwith -> Metadata fields to be linked. On selecting linkedkey it would add these fields in the form.
    • Syntax is groupcode:field label
      Linked MD attribute
      Linked MD attribute


  • Save the metadataspec.xml and restart zoom server






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