How-to resolve the database may be in use error


You are seeing the error message in a log file or in the UI:

The database file "allrepoauthmapskel" could not be locked. The database may be in use.


If multiple Zoom processes run at the same time, one of them may grab a shared lock on a client database causing the other Zoom process to fail with this error. Often this happens when two different system users are logged into the same machine and both of them have a Zoom dialog open such as an Asset Browser.

Affected Versions

More likely to happen in Zoom 5.5. Newer releases 5.5.1+ should not see this very often.


Check the System Process or Activity manager to identify if there are other users running on the system. For instance on a Windows machine using the system Task manager:

On the above system, a Zoom process dlglauncher is running from a second user’s account. In the primary account if any Zoom command is executed it would generate the above error.

We can either kill the errant process, in this case that would be the “dlglauncher.exe” process or log off the other user from the system:


This should fix the lock issue. If this doesn’t work try to restart the Zoom Client Proxy process via the Z menu:


If all else fails, reboot your machine and that should get rid of any Zoom processes lingering with a lock.




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