How to repair windows client installation?

This article covers how to repair the Windows Client installation.

When to follow this article:

  • When your Windows Zoom client installation is corrupt.
  • When Zoom client or Zoom Hub is not starting starting.
  • When you have accidentally deleted some files from Zoom client installation directory.


  • Open Windows Add and Remove Programs.
  • Search for application name: “Evolphin Zoom DAM Client”.
  • Click on the Modify button.
  • A new repair dialog will open up.
    • Have patience, sometimes, repair dialog takes 30seconds or more to open up after clicking the Modify button.
  • Select Repair and click on the Finish button.
  • Follow the steps to repair the installation. You system will restart as part of the repair. So, please don’t skip the restart in the end.
  • See the image below for reference.