How to change global webclient URL for emails and link sharing?

Zoom 7.6.3 onward, Admins will be able configure the Webclient global URL, which will be used in the emails, link sharing for external or internal users.
Before this, emails related to Webclient or Collection sent out from Zoom server with the Webclient URL pointing the preview server with port(8973 or 8873).
As a results Admins have to open the 8973 or 8873 to users.

Change Webclient Global URL

  1. Login to Zoom Web Management Console. Usually: https://zoom-server:9443.
  2. Go to > System > Control Panel > Webclient Settings.
  3. Change the Webclient URL property.
  4. Save to apply the changes.

Important Points to Consider

  1. Make sure the Webclient URL points to valid server and a DNS entry is present otherwise using any URL won’t work.
    For example: If setting the Webclient URL to:, make sure resolves to the Webclient(Preview-Server).
  2. Always use /webclient in the end.
  3. Make sure to redirect 443 to 8973 on the Webclient server when no port is specified in the URL. Web browsers uses port 443 for HTTPS(secure) and port 80 for HTTP(not secure) traffic.
    So, you are not using any port in the URL, make sure relevant port forwarding is setup on the server otherwise the URL won’t work.