Fixing MXF file clipping error in Web Client

When you try to create a sub-clip of an MXF file inside the Web Client, the sub-clip is not downloaded because of a sub-clip generation error. To fix this, you should either download/create the new sub-clip as an MP4 or you should add a modified clipping converter to your Zoom Server. Follow the steps below for the solution that you want to implement.

Downloading/creating the sub-clip as an MP4

While downloading/creating the new sub-clip in the Web Client, choose MP4 as the format before clicking Download Clip or Create New Asset.

Adding a modified clipping converter

Log into the Web Management Console as the administrator. Open Media Converter node under the System node in the Admin Menu sidebar. Open Manage Converters page.

Select the System – Video Clip converter and click Duplicate.

Make sure to rename the duplicated converter to Video Clip. Locate the argument Codec and click Remove in its Argument section.

Click Save to save the converter.

All download/create new asset requests for MXF files will be successful now.