If you see an error reading “source file too short:XD3_INVALID_INPUT” while updating a file.

  1. Checkout the latest version of the file:
    • If you have any local modifications made to this file, just make a backup copy of it elsewhere.
    • Open the Visual Log of the file (from the Repository Browser).
    • Right-click on the latest version of the file and click on Checkout.
    • If your default checkout location is set, the checkout will be done there, else in the location you specify.
  2. If the above doesn’t work, try checking out the next previous version of the file from Visual Log.
    • If this works, then just try updating the newly checked out file.
    • If the update doesn’t work, then it will confirm that the file was modified midstream when its latest version was being committed.
      You will need to then add this file again as a new file to continue work on it. Let us know if this is the case and we will guide you on
  3. The above step can be performed to checkout even prior versions in case it doesn’t work.
    Alternatively, you can checkout the first file version and update versions incrementally.

    • First checkout the 1st file version using the Visual Log.
    • For incremental update, you will need to use the Advanced button in the update dialog.
    • Select the Version and File Revision No. options and write the next version number (2, 3, 4, and so on).
    • Now, start the update.


It is always recommended that you update to the latest server and client bits in the event of any errors.

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