How to search for deleted files and resurrect them

  1. In the asset browser, go to the search tab and from the search tab dropdown select “Search Filename.”  
  2. Click Advanced Options and then click on the search scope button and select “Show Deleted.”

     Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 10.26.26 PM

  3.  Click on the Revision Information button and in the Comment box type in “Deleting.”

    Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 12.11.00 AM 

  4. Now click on the “Search” button and it should show you all the deleted files.
  5. Once you have the list of deleted files, you can select them and right-click on the deleted files and resurrect them.

     Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 12.11.53 AM

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