File-type Filter

From Zoom 5.1 onwards, you can filter your search results based on chosen File-type filters. For example, you may only want to see Images, Videos, or Layouts. Each of these File-type filters is further configurable by choosing which extensions to include in each of them. A few File-type filters are available by default.

Viewing File-type filters

  1. On a Browse or Search tab in the Asset Browser, click the Search type drop-down menu next to the Search box to open the Search type menu.
  2. Select Advanced Search from the Search type menu.
  3. Click the  button to open the Advanced Search options.
  4. Click the Search Scope button to view the scope options.

  5. Click the Click here to add new Filter option above the File-type Filter list box.
  6. The File Filter window is displayed.

  7. This window has options to add, edit, or remove file type filters. These are discussed below in detail.

Adding a New File-type filter

  1. In the File Filter window, click the Add Button button in the top-right corner.

  2. Enter a name for the new filter. Enter an extension in the Extensions box and press Tab. Enter more file extensions, if needed, and press Tab after entering each subsequent extension.

  3. Click Save to save the new file-type filter.

Modifying a File-type filter

  1. In the File Filter window, add extensions to a filter by typing in the extension name in the Extensions box and pressing tab after each extension name.
  2. Remove extensions by clicking on the  icon next to the extension name.
  3. After making the desired changes, click Save.

Deleting a File-type filter

  1. In the File Filter window, click the Delete button button next to the Filter you would like to delete. The file filter will appear grayed out.
  2. Click Save.