Duplicate Detection

From Zoom 7.0 onwards, no duplicate asset may be imported to a Zoom repository without being flagged for further action.

Whenever Zoom detects that the name of the imported asset matches an existing one (in the same project), the user will be prompted to resolve the duplication.

Here, admin’s Version is the asset on the repository (last saved by admin) and Your version is the local asset (that you are trying to import).

Duplicate Detection 


These options are available:

Compare Version – open the local and repository assets side by side to analyze the changes.

Compare Versions



Override – instructs to overwrite the repository asset with the local. This option will delete the repository asset and add the local asset with the same name.

Separate – instructs to copy the local asset as a new version/revision of the repository asset.

Rename Local – instructs to rename the local asset before adding. The repository asset is unchanged.

Rename Repo – instructs to rename the repository asset (carrying all its version/revision history). The local asset is then added.

Discard – it cancels the import of the conflicting asset.