Asset Browser Home Page*

* This feature is available only in Zoom 7.0 or higher.

Search Bar

Launch a global search that spans file or folder name and also metadata right from the home page without opening a search tab first.


Recent Files

See all your recently modified or previewed files in the center of the Homepage. Double click on any file in this view to jump straight to to a tab with more details about the file.

Activity feed

Recently worked on files in your brand or project vault will show up in the activity feed on the right. Each file listed will have a thumb and also a user profile icon for the user who worked with the file (user profile icons are configured by the adminitrator).

Custom Widget Panels

Two panels may be configured for the lower part of the Homepage. Using the Settings you can control which two panels show up by default in your home page view. In the example above, Tasks and Favorites show up in this area.

Configure this setting by clicking Settings from the upper right corner of the Homepage. Exclude one of the three panels, Tasks, Inactive Files, and Favorite Files, from the Home page. Click Save.


Alternatively, access the Settings from the user icon popup menu from anywhere in the Asset Browser.


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