New Project Creation in Adobe Plugin

From Zoom High-Res Video Management Release onwards, Zoom has added a new option New Project in Zoom Adobe plugin window.

New Project

This feature will allow the user to check-in the default template project structure into the Zoom repository. 

Zoom 6.0 onward, on clicking the New Project button in Zoom Adobe Plugin window, users will have the option to select the template from a list of pre-defined templates. Zoom 7.0 onward categories and icons for templates are supported as well.

Next, the editors need to also specify the name for the new project to be created along with metadata in the next step:

Upon clicking the create button the editor needs to select a brand or project vault under which they wish to create the new project. Usually the top level project vault folder like “NewsNet Global” need to be selected:

Click Ok to select the brand, at this point a custom metadata panel should open up. Please enter values for all mandatory (orange*) fields:

Click check-in to finish.

The contents of configured template zip file will be checked-in under a new project folder structure based on metadata entered:

After check-in of the folder structure, the main project file in the Adobe app will be opened so that the user can start working on that.

This feature is supported only in all Adobe apps starting with 7.0

Configuration Details for the Administrator:

In Zoom 7.0+ the templates are configured using the Web Management Console.

Step 1: Create a desired bin or sub-folder structure on disk:

Step 2: Add sample project files such as PSD, PRPROJ to act as the template. Best practice is to pick an existing project file with links to logo, graphics elements that are reused. Ensure the links are checked into Zoom already:

Step 3: Create a ZIP. Avoid using the MacOS or Windows Zip UI from Finder/Explorer as they can add undesired hidden/dot files & auto save folders. Instead use the zip command from a terminal as shown below to create a clean zip file. You may need the help if your administrator to perform this step:

zip -r ../ * -x '*/\.*' -x '*Auto-Save**'

Step 4: Create a 16×16 icon to represent the template visually:

Step 5: Add the template using the Web Admin:

Navigate to Plugin->Adobe Plugin->Manage Templates, and add / delete / edit the templates as required.  

New Project creation after changing Premiere Pro version

When the Premiere Pro version is changed(e.g. from CC2016 to CC2017), Premiere Pro may prompt to convert the project file, if you have created the project template in some other version of Premiere Pro:


To avoid this, the project template should be created in the same Premiere Pro version for which the template will be used. 

A project template for Premiere Pro CC2017 is attached below for reference:


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