Resolve links not working

If Resolve Links is not working, there are a few steps you can take to find the cause. In general, in order for Resolve Links to work, Zoom needs to know about all of the linked assets in a project. If there are files in the project that Zoom is not aware of (that have not been checked-in with the project), then Resolve Links will not work.

First, check the Links panel in the desktop Asset Browser to see whether all of the project’s linked files are present in Zoom. If they are not, the project will need to be checked-in first with links for Resolve Links to run.

If you receive the message that auto-resolve links failed, or that manually resolving links failed, it could be due to offline media being present in the project that Zoom does not know about. In that case, please relink the offline media to valid files and try running Resolve Links again. If the project is modified, you will first need to backup a copy of the project to another file, then ‘Revert’ this project to the last version synced with Zoom, and finally run ‘Resolve Links’. After that you can manually merge changes from the backed up project to this one.

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