Zoom 7.2 Release Notes


Release Date: 14th June 2018

Evolphin Zoom 7.2-RELEASE.224 is a full release consisting of Linux and Windows servers, and Windows and Mac clients.

New Features

  • Data Migration: Zoom now supports the seamless migration of a large volume of data to its repository.
  • Export in Adobe apps: Zoom Adobe plugin now also supports exporting from Adobe InDesign.

Usability Enhancements

  • Authorization and error handling in VideoLX are now improved. In the event of an authorization failure between Zoom MAM Server and the Transcoder Server, the connection is now automatically re-tried.
  • For VideoLX, the transcoder machine may now connect with the Zoom MAM Server over SSL or non-SSL connection.
  • VideoLX process monitoring shows more detailed data for its jobs that are listed in the Web Management Console. The error messages are also more descriptive.
  • For VideoLX, the number of parallelly running jobs is now configurable.
  • Cinema 4D’s Image Sequence file handling is now improved with the option to configure file extensions and the minimum number of sequence files.
  • New system media converters, Red Line and Low Res Converter are now available.

Major Fixes

  • In Adobe Premiere Pro using Zoom Adobe plugin, new linked files can now be checked-in without any error.
  • In Adobe Premiere Pro using Zoom Adobe plugin, linked image sequencing files show asset ID and thumbnail in the Linked Files tab.
  • When using mandatory metadata in a VideoLX setup, if the user specifies metadata values during check-in, all revisions of the asset now show that user-specified value.
  • In an Adobe Photoshop client using Zoom Adobe plugin on a VideoLX setup, unversioned files are now checked-in when the user syncs after linking.
  • In an Adobe Premiere Pro client using Zoom Adobe plugin on a VideoLX setup, new files may now be linked without any error in the Linked Files tab.
  • After specifying the MySQL database in the Web Management Console for a VideoLX setup, the required tables and schema is automatically set up now.
  • In a VideoLX setup, the user may now delete entries from the MySQL database’s tables using Zoom’s Web Management Console.
  • In a VideoLX setup, while viewing the transcoding jobs on the Process Monitor in the Web Management Console, the latest jobs are shown on top now.
  • For the Process Monitor in a VideoLX setup, a failed job’s end date is removed as soon as it is submitted for a rerun now, rather than after it starts running.
  • For the Process Monitor in a VideoLX setup, the jobs list is now displayed page-wise.
  • On a VideoLX setup, where a transcoder is set to copy the low-res proxy to the third party mount path, if that third party mount path becomes inaccessible while a job is running, then this job fails now.
  • In an Adobe Premiere Pro client using Zoom Adobe plugin on a VideoLX setup, resolution switch buttons are only displayed for high-res assets now, not for unversioned or direct ingest assets.
  • In an Adobe Premiere Pro client using Zoom Adobe plugin on a VideoLX setup that has a non-empty value set for pro-res suffix, asset ID and thumbnail are now shown for high-res assets that are switched to low-res.
  • In an Adobe Premiere Pro client using Zoom Adobe plugin on a VideoLX setup, resolution switch buttons are now enabled on the Linked Files tab when at least one asset is high-res and all assets are selected by using Select All.
  • For a VideoLX setup, an in-place ingest may now be configured so that the original file does not get replaced with the newly generated low-res file after ingest. To know more about configuring this, check here.
  • In a VideoLX setup, if the third-party mount points are not accessible or invalid, VideoLX flow is skipped when assets are checked-in. An error message is logged for the invalid third-party mount point.
  • In an Adobe Photoshop client using Zoom Adobe plugin on a VideoLX setup, MXF files may now be linked. For the project file, now the linked MXF files are also shown in the Links panel in the Asset Browser.
  • In a VideoLX setup that does not have mandatory metadata, duplicate asset brought for check-in is skipped now.
  • In a VideoLX setup, no error is shown on the Transcoder Settings page in the Web Management Console if no changes were made to these settings.
  • In an Adobe Premiere Pro client using Zoom Adobe plugin on a VideoLX setup, after adding high-res assets to a project and syncing, the high-res assets are not automatically checked out now.
  • The Metadata Panel is now refreshed when switching between assets in the Asset Browser.

Major Pending Issues

  • For Adobe Illustrator using Adobe Zoom plugin on a Mac, unversioned links are not shown under Linked Files or during check-in.
  • Sometimes, multiple low-res revisions are generated and checked-in for assets ingested using Data Migration with VideoLX.
  • Thumbnails are not shown for R3D files in any desktop or web-based asset-browser, like Asset Browser or Web Client.
  • If multiple Transcoders are assigned to a project in a VideoLX setup, jobs are being submitted to the multiple transcoders and getting failed after the conversion is completed by one of them.
  • While registering a Transcoder with the Zoom MAM Server, the Zoom username specified for authentication may not contain any spaces.
  • When using System – Low Res Converter as the low-res converter with VideoLX, transcoding fails for a few files, like for some MXF video files.
  • In a VideoLX setup, sometimes, the low-res proxies are missing a few frames from the original video file.
  • In Adobe Illustrator using Zoom Adobe plugin, the new project file is not versioned after synching.
  • In Adobe Photoshop using Zoom Adobe plugin, for a new project containing GIF file links, synching fails to resolve links for the GIF files. To fix this, select resolve links.
  • Sometimes, in Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 using Zoom Adobe plugin, accessing, browsing or searching for assets is not working smoothly.
  • VideoLX is not supported on a Zoom NonStop Server (HADR) setup.

Minor Pending Issues

  • In Adobe Premiere Pro using Zoom Adobe plugin, if both high-res and low-res revisions of the same asset are dropped into the project, these are listed as two separate assets instead of one under the Linked Files.
  • In Adobe After Effects using Zoom Adobe plugin on a Windows system, the table headings on the Exports tab are not fully visible.

Third-party Software Versions

Zoom 7.2 builds have been tested against the following:

Operating Systems (Servers)Linux RHEL 6.7, Linux RHEL 7.0, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard
Operating Systems (Clients)Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 7, macOS Sierra 10.12.6, macOS High Sierra 10.13
BrowsersChrome 62.0.3202, Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0, Firefox 57.0, Safari 11.0.1
Adobe Photoshop 19.0 (2018)
Adobe Illustrator 22.0.0 (2018)
Adobe InDesign 13.0 (2018)
Adobe Premiere Pro 12.0.0 (2018)
Adobe After Effects 15.0.0 (2018)
Adobe InCopy 13.0 (2018)
MAXON Cinema4D 17.016, 18.020, 19.008
Adobe Flash Player27.0.0.187,
Adobe AIR27.0.0.124
Telestream Vantage7.1
SGL Flashnet6.8.4.12
Amazon AWS CLI1.15.10


  • This release is compatible with bits 7.2-RELEASE.224 and above.