Zoom 7.2.3 Release Notes


Release Date: 24th May 2019

Evolphin Zoom 7.2.3-RELEASE.17 is a full release consisting of Windows servers, and Windows and Mac clients.

New Features

  • This Zoom release features integration with the OpenID Connect provider, Ping Identity that lets Zoom users use global Single Sign-On. Check here to know how to integrate it with Zoom.
  • Hot Folders will not store any login credentials now. These will instead use the session of the logged-in user, or if none is available then prompt for login.

Usability Enhancements

  • Audit logging is enhanced for many commands and entries are now more descriptive.
  • After setting up PingID and using PingRealm in Zoom, all unattended Hot Folders from your previous Zoom setup will be disabled.

Major Pending Issues

  • In the Web Client, public collection-sharing using a web link and private sharing to external users is not available.
  • Web Asset Browser on a Mac machine does not display text correctly.
  • Users are unable to change the thumbnail for any asset in the Web Asset Browser.
  • If a user clicks See More… while browsing the list of inactive files on the Asset Browser homepage, Zoom shows a null pointer exception.
  • Preview Server logs show authentication failed messages sporadically but these do not affect Zoom’s operations.
  • VCS indexes in Curator are taking longer to finish indexing.
  • In the Asset Browser, if a user single signs-in using one browser and then tries to log into the Web Management Console on a different machine or browser (other than the browser used for initial single sign-in), this user is automatically logged out from the Visual  Asset Browser.
  • Auto checkout fails on a Windows Zoom Client if it tries to check-out a file with a long name that is not supported in Windows.

Minor Pending Issues

  • In the Asset Browser, the single sign-on login window does not disappear when a globally signed out user clicks Cancel on that login prompt.
  • After a user clicks on the button to single sign-on from within a Zoom application, the global login credentials are captured and validated in the default web browser, but the Zoom application still displays the single sign-on connect button instead of showing the signing-in progress.
  • Sometimes, Zoom session does not open in a Zoom application even after Ping session was successfully created after the user has single signed-in.
  • While single signing-in from the Web Asset Browser in the Safari browser on a Mac machine, the tab used to log-in is not automatically closed after single sign-on is successful.
  • Assets imported via the Hot Folder are saved with an empty comment instead of the default comment for any hot folder import.

Adobe Issues

  • While using Zoom Adobe plugin with Adobe apps, dragging and dropping an asset from the Asset Browser to an Adobe app does not link the asset in the current project/document inside that Adobe app. As a workaround, use Adobe AIR 27 that allows dragging and dropping to work in Zoom.

Third-party Software Versions

Zoom 7.2.3 builds have been tested against the following:

Operating Systems (Servers)Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard
Operating Systems (Clients)Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 7, macOS High Sierra 10.13.2, macOS Mojave 10.14.4
BrowsersChrome 62.0.3202, Microsoft Edge 44.17763.1.0, Firefox 66.0.5, Safari 12.1, Chrome 74.0.3729.131
Adobe Photoshop 19.1.6 (2018), 20.0.4 (2019)
Adobe Illustrator 22.1.0 (2018), 23.0.3 (2019)
Adobe InDesign (2018), (2019)
Adobe Flash Player32.0.0.171
Adobe AIR32.0.0.89