Zoom 7.2.2 Release 58 Release Notes


Release Date: 2nd November 2018

Evolphin Zoom 7.2.2-RELEASE.58 is a full release consisting of Linux and Windows servers, and Windows and Mac clients.

Apply the Collections fix patch on this Zoom version 7.2.2-RELEASE.58-600ce5053 to fix the bugs in collections and image conversion.

Usability Enhancements

  • Search for assets has been improved inside Zoom Adobe plugin.
  • Asset Browser now supports an easy search for multiple values of a metadata field in a single search query.
  • Web Client now shows zip downloads in progressive percentage.
  • FFmpeg in the Zoom installer has now been updated to version 4.0, consisting of libavcodec version 58.18.100.
  • ImageMagick has now been updated to 7.0.7 for Linux and 7.0.8 for Windows installers of Zoom.

Major Fixes

  • In Zoom, purged assets are also internally reported as assets affected in transactions and thus are added to the in-memory cache of affected assets now.
  • For the Zoom Adobe plugin, project status is refreshed automatically now after check-in with unversioned links, reverting a locked and modified file, or after manually resolving links.
  • Users are now able to preview text files also.
  • Logical operators (OR and NOT) and double quotes are working within Uber search in the Asset Browser.
  • Users are able to search based on IPTC_Creator: Job Title metadata field now in the Asset Browser.
  • In Zoom Adobe plugin inside Adobe Illustrator, the status of the main project file is refreshed now after sync. 
  • While previewing a video asset in the Web Client, the correct resolution is displayed now.
  • In a Zoom NonStop setup, admin users can now delete external users from the Web Management Console.
  • When Zoom Server is SSL enabled, then collection links in the Zoom plugin redirect to the HTTPS URL for the Web Client.
  • In the Zoom Adobe plugin, pinwheeling has been reduced by reducing server calls on each query.
  • In Zoom Adobe plugin on a VideoLX setup, all proxy switching buttons are now enabled.
  • If a user logs out and logs back into the Zoom Adobe plugin in a supported Adobe Creative app, then the project status and info are automatically updated now.
  • In the Zoom Adobe plugin, users do not get an ‘Acess Denied’ message now when trying to check-in a main project which has links to assets belonging to a Zoom project where the user only has read permission,
  • Import command from the Zoom API works now when supplied with admin user credentials as arguments. Import command also works when supplying metadata at the command line.
  • Users which have atleast one active collection are now able to log into the Web Client with a Web Collection license when all Web Client Concurrent licenses are exhausted.
  • Preview of assets inside Zoom Adobe plugin is now working in SSL mode when both the Zoom Server and Preview Server are SSL enabled.
  • Users are now able to successfully export all pages of multi-page PDF files in Adobe InDesign using Zoom Adobe plugin.
  • In Zoom Adobe plugin, embedded links are not displayed in the Linked Files tab or check-in window now. Embedded links are also not displayed for the main project file under the Links panel in the Asset Browser. 
  • In Adobe Illustrator using Zoom Adobe plugin on a Mac machine, unversioned links are now showing in the Links tab and the check-in window.
  • In Adobe Illustrator using Zoom Adobe plugin on a Windows machine, status of the main project file now updates to ‘versioned’ after sync.
  • The auto-save confirmation dialog appears now when switching between Export and Exported Files tab in the Zoom Adobe plugin inside Adobe Photoshop.
  • Users are now able to Sync a new project in Adobe Photoshop using the Zoom Adobe plugin after placing new links in the project.
  • In a VideoLX setup, asset ID and thumbnail are displayed for image sequencing assets in Adobe Premiere Pro using Zoom Adobe plugin now after these assets are linked from the Search tab.
  • In a VideoLX setup, if the third party mount point becomes unavailable from Zoom Adobe plugin in Adobe Premiere Pro, then no error is thrown in the Linked Files tab which has some hi-res links.
  • In a VideoLX setup using mid-res proxies, if some value is set for mid-res suffix then linked hi-res files do not lose asset id and thumbnail after switching to low-res in the Zoom Adobe plugin in Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • If a user without any assigned projects tries to log into the Asset Browser then they are not logged in and also get a message that no project was found with their user details.
  • On a VideoLX setup, if data migration is used to ingest valid hi-res assets then their transcoding continues successfully even when the migration is complete before the transcoding.

Major Pending Issues

  • Multiple asset download and asset preview fail in the Asset Browser and the Web Client when using ImageMagick converter.
  • In the Zoom Adobe plugin, the preview of an exported file disappears after switching tabs and coming back to the Export tab. Sometimes, the preview of the exported file is not displayed at all.
  • In Zoom Adobe plugin with auto-checkout enabled, linked auto-checkout assets appear as broken links after these are renamed or relocated from outside the plugin.
  • The user is not able to enable auto-checkout when LDAP is configured in Zoom.
  • In Adobe Premiere Pro using Zoom Adobe plugin, asset ID is not visible for linked AEP files in the Links tab despite being shown in the Asset Browser.
  • For Sketch using Zoom Sketch plugin, when a user tries to add a newly exported file to a collection, the collection list covers the window so that exported asset is not visible.
  • Integer type metadata properties, like IPTC_Rating, show value as unknown when these are set to 0.
  • In the Web Client, the user is unable to download a set of more than 23 assets from the Assets page.
  • Collections page loads with some delay in the Web Client and Asset Browser when Curator is enabled with the Zoom Server and there more than 60 collections to list.
  • In the Web Client, the first reply to a comment is shown as successfully saved when no web collection license is available to the logged-in user.
  • Currently, the filters for dynamic collections always work on metadata from all revisions of the assets. The user cannot modify this setting.
  • Users are unable to add assets to a collection when they do not have permission to access the collection’s project vault as per their roles and assignments in Zoom.
  • In the Asset Browser, a collection’s shared users with view permission can modify permissions of the other users and also remove assets from the collection. Shared users with admin permission can also modify permissions of the collection owner.

Minor Pending Issues

  • The asset is shown as modified in Zoom Asset Browser if its sync was aborted in the Zoom Sketch plugin after a successful export.
  • Info level messages still appear in ClientProxy logs.

Third-party Software Versions

Zoom 7.2.2 builds have been tested against the following:

Operating Systems (Servers)Linux RHEL 6.7, Linux RHEL 7.0, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard
Operating Systems (Clients)Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 7, macOS Sierra 10.12.6, macOS High Sierra 10.13
BrowsersChrome 62.0.3202, Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0, Firefox 57.0, Safari 11.0.1
Adobe Photoshop 19.1.5 (2018)
Adobe Illustrator 22.1 (2018)
Adobe InDesign 13.1 (2018)
Adobe Premiere Pro 12.1.2 (2018)
Adobe After Effects 15.1.2 (2018)
Adobe InCopy 13.1 (2018)
MAXON Cinema4D 18.020, 19.008
Adobe Flash Player27.0.0.187
Adobe AIR27.0.0.124
Telestream Vantage7.1
SGL Flashnet6.8.4.12
Amazon AWS CLI1.15.10


  • This release is compatible with bits 7.2.2-RELEASE.58 and above.