Zoom 5.8.1 Release Notes


Release Date: 29 April 2016

Zoom 5.8.1-RELEASE is a full release consisting of Linux and Windows servers, and Windows and Mac clients.

New Features:

  • Zoom in-place ingest or externally managed flow is now available to all; this allows users to place assets in an external source other than the Zoom repository while still making it accessible for all Zoom related operations (like linking, searching, etc.)
  • Zoom Adobe plugins support an intrinsic search panel thereby allowing more tighter integration between the app and Zoom.

Major Fixes:

  • Embed metadata was not working for files containing system metadata, this is fixed now.
  • Several Spanish language corrections have been included. (One of the suggested changes regarding the headings in the List View in Asset Browser could not be translated to Spanish, as this is being read directly from the metadata schema document where localization is not supported).
  • Metadata edits are now subjected to access control such that a user with READ only permissions will not be allowed to modify metadata
  • In Asset Browser while switching from one video preview to next using the arrow key, the previous asset’s metadata were retained; this is fixed now.
  • Cinema4D team render was becoming unresponsive under certain circumstances, this is fixed now.
  • Conversion of mp4 to mov was failing in custom converters,  this is fixed now.
  • The download of multiple files of different formats having a common custom output format was not supported earlier, this is fixed now.
  • AEP and PRPROJ will now show default thumbnails
  • In global search, if the same string is repeated more than once, the search results used to show no matches even if there were, this is fixed now.
  • Drag and drop of files from Asset Browser will now go based on the original file path metadata stored internally, therefore resolving to the correct TPM file even if the zoom proxy has been renamed or moved.
  • Download using “Show URL” now correctly names the file as is found in the repository instead of the earlier behavior of using a concat of resolution etc.
  • Hot folder configuration UI was allowing save of the settings even if found to be incorrect, this is fixed now.
  • File names containing “+” symbol were not handled correctly in the context of being used in the metadata CSV file used to import/apply metadata on Zoom assets, this is fixed now.
  • If a review task was created and started where no users were assigned to a web-approver role, it was giving a nondescript message, this is fixed to now give a proper error message. 

Major Pending Issues:

  • In the video preview, last video’s “seek status” and “keyframe metadata on seek bar” are shown in the preview window of next video while loading of next video is in the process; however once the preview loads, it starts to play from the beginning correctly.
  • Zoom plugin search panel’s pre-fill message is not localized to Spanish.
  • A blank thumbnail is shown for .txt files when try to preview text files in fullscreen mode
  • In video previews buffering, timeline progress is not accurate.
  • Kick-off Workflow – job Form does not get refreshed if the project is changed from Create Job dialog until the dialog is closed and relaunched again.
  • Randomly, cross-project move and subsequent show-in-browse-tab causes blank alert
  • In the workflow, for a Rejected Task, if the owner is changed, then approve/reject option is not available in Visual Approval
  • In Spanish Locale, an error message is shown in English, when trying to add server URL with the non-superadmin user in push hot folder settings.
  • Application of keywords on assets is not possible if the Asset Browser opens without an active metadata panel 
  • Drag and Drop is not possible for multiple checked-out assets from the search panel.
  • For a large-sized file having more than 5 revisions, make current operation on first revision crashes the server
  • When trying to save metadata properties in the central panel the default selection gets switched to some other asset in Asset Browser’s central panel. 
  • “Not Contains” does not work in the main search tab
  • The download of multiple selected assets from Visual Approver does not work
  • Scroll bar hides the top ribbon controller in the plugin search panel
  • For High-Res Ingest setup, Check-In window does not exit by itself if the connection to a relevant network share is lost while check-in is in process.
  • For High-Res Ingest setup, proxy generation fails for some files randomly. This could be due to issues on the Vantage system side. 
  • Web Asset Browser is dependent on a non-SSL port to generate Previews even when SSL is enabled
  • If the Zoom Server and Preview Server are configured to work in SSL on default ports and port 8873 is blocked, the FTS indexing stops working
  • From Task Manager, while signing off a task, “error message” is displayed to the user, though check-in completes successfully
  • For High-Res ingest setup, if the dummy file gets checked out before proxy ingestion has been successful, the vantage process does not complete successfully
  • Randomly, after machine restart on a Mac, error message is displayed on launching check-in window from Z- menu
  • The customize window for Task Manager does not work
  • At the end of the preview of a video asset, frozen black spots are seen
  • Instead of Progress Bar, a wait icon is shown to the user when a search is in progress in Asset Browser
  • Indications for key-frame metadata being present on the timeline for Video Previews are not displayed to the user sometimes
  • Some messages are shown in English in hot-folder mail even if the locale is set to Spanish.
  • Archive and Restore do not work in High-Res ingest setup if the original and ProRes files are renamed in TPM
  • “Unable to update” message is displayed while update of the User setting In Adobe InDesign, although the plugin setting is changed in .zm\settings\adobePlugin directory.

Minor Pending Issues:

  • Audio FullScreen shows “Error: Error #2096” while playing in the progress bar
  • The output of some zm commands is not in Spanish even if the locale is set to Spanish.
  • [RANDOM] When trying to upload from Web Asset Browser, on first attempt upload process doesn’t start and the user is prompted to select files for upload again
  • Zoom Server crashing on back to back make the current call for the same file if the file in question is large. 
  • Tooltip is not available for “Fullscreen” mode icon.
  • When the Zoom client is set to Spanish Locale, “Z Menu>Configuration>Existing Working Copy” – Label “Working Copy Path” is still in English
  • When the Zoom client is set to Spanish Locale, Quick search dropdown – “View All” is displayed in English
  • When the Zoom client is set to Spanish Locale, Z menu > Settings > General – Dropdown values are displayed in English
  • When the Zoom client is set to Spanish Locale, Z settings “custom .zm location” is displayed in English
  • When the Zoom client is set to Spanish Locale, Checkin Dialog – “ChangeList” dropdown is displayed in English
  • When the Zoom client is set to Spanish Locale, “Z Menu>Settings>Hotfolder” – Label “Server” is still in English
  • When the Zoom client is set to Spanish Locale, an Error message is shown in English, when try to add server url with non-superadmin user in push hot folder settings.
  • When the Zoom client is set to Spanish Locale, Task Manager – Sign off window | Label buttons are displayed with ellipses
  • When the Zoom client is set to Spanish Locale, Checkin Dialog | Preset MD should be displayed completely
  • Change Task Owner from Task Manager does not work in the non-English locale. 
  • In Hot Folder, UI error message should be shown if an invalid destination is selected while setting up new hot folder.
  • In the Asset Browser, keyboard escape button does not restore full-screen mode to normal mode properly.
  • In the “Download Assets” window, Selection of “Reset” option does not reset all values.
  • “Convert to working copy” option is not available in “Smart Copy” window when a smart copy of multiple assets is attempted.
  • When doing an FTS search,  UI Options are overridden with search texts.
  • When the Zoom client on Mac is set in Spanish Locale, the title is not displayed properly in Zoom app about dialog.
  • After Changing the locale to Spanish, few labels/headers are still displaying in English.
  • Specific scenario, Cart icon is available in asset, even after adding the asset to cart.
  • Keyboard shortcut to preview a file from revision panel does not work.
  • Manual Installation of plugin for Cinema4D is needed according to the version of Cinema4D installed as zoom plugin is not able to read which version of Cinema4D is installed on the system.
  • Workflow Timesheet | While trying to sort the value based on date – It’s not refreshing automatically. Manual refresh is needed.
  • Zoom Plugin displays the Search prefill message in English even after changing the locale to Spanish.
  • Zoom Browser displays the List Header titles in English even if the locale of Asset Browser / Web Asset Browser is changed to Spanish.

Adobe-Related Issues:

  • Bug filed with Adobe to indicate whether a smart object layer contains a linked file: For PhotoShop, there was a request to add a property to the PhotoShop DOM to indicate whether a smart object layer contains a linked file. There would also be another property in the DOM to access the full file path for the linked file. The bug ID for this enhancement is 3790880.
  • Adobe resolves link paths incorrectly if the machine has some common local path and mounted path, e.g. /Users and /Volumes/Users. Reference: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/959112


  • Please find instructions on how to upgrade here.
  • This release is compatible with bits 5.8.1-Release and above.

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