Release Notes for Zoom 8.1

Release Date: 1st April, 2021

Zoom 8.1.0-RELEASE.50 is the first release in the Karakoram series. This release combines the 8.0 release from the Kilimanjaro series and the cloud-specific 7.6.3 release from the Resilience series. This includes Linux server, and Windows and Mac clients.

Revision History

This section describes the revisions and its details in this release of Zoom.

Release numberDateDescription
8.1.01st April, 2021First release in the Karakorm series. This is a Major release.

New Features and Enhancements

  • All features from the Resilience series specific to a cloud-based collaboration model that evolved to support a distributed workforce have been integrated into this release alongside the already available features like the new Zoom Desktop application, enhanced WebClient support etc.
  • A new “Trends” section has been added to the Zoom Analytics toolkit; this explores a variety of trends that can be examined at the click of a button from the Web Management Console.
  • Support for Rev.AI is integrated into Zoom.
  • Veritone Image AI is supported now.
  • Facility to launch Saved Searches is made available from the Web Management Console.
  • Periodic Search and Execute will now by default restrict the search to the time interval defined.
  • Search reports generated from various modules like the Search & Execute action launched from Saved Searches, or the periodic Search & Execute or the newly introduced Trends section are all organized under appropriate categories, making it easier for users to identify the reports that they are looking for.
  • Search reports naming convention has been modified to include the name of the Saved Search or the Trend, for better usability.
  • Support for S3 Intelligent Tiering, and S3 Infrequent Access has been added.
  • Support for exporting data timeline to SRT/AVID/Text formats has been added.
  • Set of rich REST APIs conforming to OpenAPI spec is made available in this release.
  • Zoom 8.1 comes with support for mobile devices.
  • Purge functionality has been revamped to implicitly include smartcopies and smartlinks without requiring additional menu options for controlling this; in addition some flags have been removed as they are no longer relevant.
  • Client-side hub now issues notifications from the system tray Evolphin menu for completion or failure of jobs, or other critical feedback.
  • Only shared saved searches will be eligible to be marked to run periodically via the Search & Execute feature.

Fixed Issues

This section describes the issues that were fixed in this release of Zoom.

Ticket IdDescription
FTS-86Curator is not getting restarted by the Wrapper service where it is expected to be restarted after a config change; this is fixed now.
ZS-11764Logs servlet endpoints were openly accessible without any auth; this security vulnerability is fixed now.
ZS-11759Automatic restart service was not working as expected when the server machine time zone differed from the default time zone specified; this lead to the service getting restarted at unexpected times, as well as more often than intended. This is fixed now.
ZS-11780There were network calls related to authentication module that were being issued to the server at the rate of once in 5 seconds leading to unnecessary traffic; this has been changed to function optimally now.
WC-2424Few metadata values were not getting displayed in search results of the Webclient, even though they were showing up correctly while browsing; this is observed when there are more than 2 metadata columns configured in the view.
EJH-354High-res files could not be purged from S3 when the operation is invoked from CLI; this is fixed now.
ZS-11794Zoom server is failed to restart after a purge operation in case the archive spec was not initialized (irrespective of whether or not the archive module itself was enabled). This is fixed now.
PNG-2163 / PNG-2166Many asset like Prproj, aep, icml etc did not have Date created or modified. Some assets would also display meaningless entries like Nan/Nan etc if they did not carry relevant values in their embedded xmp metadata fields. This has been resolved now.
EJH-358S3 Ingest was failing if the folder is having same name files with different extensions; this is resolved now.
PNG-2151Import data timelines was only bringing the last data point; this is fixed now.
PNG-2152Menu option for importing timelines as markers was not shown in the asset details section of the Links tab of the plugin panel; fixed now.
PNG-2116Spurious messages indicating that there were no unresolved links was getting displayed; this unwanted alert has been removed now.
PNG-2167“Write Clip Markers to XMP” confirmation message was not displayed when user imports data timeline via Set markers from the asset details page; this is fixed now.
PNG-2117For specific assets, Assets metadata fetching failed due to unknown error was getting displayed while viewing the asset details; this is fixed now.
ZS-11811Metadata property value deletion on an older revision was not possible if the more recent revisions had a property deleted from them; this is fixed now.
ZS-11774Audit long entry identifier was getting reset between messages in multi-message commands like Import; this made debugging very hard. This is fixed now.
ZC-1539Archive module metadata were not setting up for image sequences which are ingested via migration; this is fixed now.
ZC-1544XMPCOMMAND executable was returning invalid dates of 1904 or 1900 if the corresponding metadata fields were empty in the source file. Instead of keeping these incorrect entries, Zoom fills in the Date Created metadata field with the ingest time of the asset.
VABNG-3456Collection tab of the Zoom Desktop application was found to be slow in some cases; this performance issue has been rectified now.
ZC-1558Copy of large high-res media in VideoFx flows involving Linux ingest servers was found to be very slow in some situations; this has been rectified by increasing the block size used by the copy APIs. To facilitate this solution, this option is made available as a configurable parameter in the Zoom client now.
WC-2407Count of comments on an asset in a collection were found to be incorrect; this is fixed now.
FTS-82AI suggestion builder included in 8.0 was found to be inordinately slow; this has been resolved now by opting out of Suggestion builder, and using search functionality instead in the backend.
WC-2405Adding the first reply to a comment in preview of video files was failing; this is fixed now.
PNG-1932Import timeline markers was incorrectly reporting success even if the operation had failed; this is resolved now.
ZS-11467For some high-res assets on S3, the transcoder dashboard showed the size as 0 bytes incorrectly; this is fixed now.
WC-1402In Webclient, advance search results were limited to the count of assets per page; this is fixed now.
PNG-2162Links information was not getting saved correctly for links that are not added in an AE composition; this is fixed now.
PNG-2177Filter in import data timeline was doing a case-sensitive search; this is now changed to be case-insensitive.
PNG-2140The Adobe API to query for data timelines was not returning expected values; because of this we were seeing an invalid parameter error message; this has been worked around by adding additional checks in the plugin code now.
VABNG-3526It was not possible to assign DRM metadata using the “Assign Metadata” action of the Search & Execute feature. This is fixed now.
Table describing the issues from past release that have been in this release of Zoom

Known Issues

This section describes the known issues and any major pending issues associated with this release of Zoom.

Ticket IdDescription
EJH-381Mid-res archive / restore is not supported via the client-side hub.
EJH-377For a specific scenario. while Restoring an Image Sequence, completion progress percentage keeps on increasing even more than 100% in the Hub Dashboard
PNG-2175Plugin should not checkout fcp link xml file, it should just use no working-copy checkout OR update before checking out.
PNG-2171Import datatimeline option is not coming for high-res assets in the Asset details page opened from Link tab
EJH-365On Mac client, randomly, multiple hub instances are running in the background
PNG-2174Advance search dropdown selection doesn’t work with keyboard down arrow.
PNG-2176Create FCP xml on the fly from plugin
PNG-2170Ability to find a specific file in a directory in plugin
WC-2396Make HTTP links in the metadata panel clickable
PNG-2202Add Cancel and manual sync option in Premiere Pro export
PNG-2173Ability to import specific marker in plugin
EJH-383Asset status changes to “deleted” when user tries to purge the asset which are in Pending & Progress Jobs count in Hub Jobs Panel.
PNG-2209Neither success message nor error message in case of failure is displaying while import data timeline via Import link or Make link operation.
EJH-371Randomly, NullPointerException occurs after restoring an asset and refreshing the Asset Browser while asset was in Submitted Archive state
EJH-368‘Unable to determine the range for download operation’ message appears in logs when Restore was failed at 100 percent due to any reason
PNG-2201Users should be able to edit the exported file name instead of using the default sequence/composition name
PNG-2211All AI data timeline Category is displaying irrespective of Search criteria while searching the data timeline on the asset details page.
PNG-2208No data timeline is there to import error message is displaying while importing the AI data like Logo from asset details page for specific cases.
ZC-1560When file has some wrong characters (like backslash instead of forward slash) then Evolphin menu icon disappears from the System tray, and none of the Zoom client applications can be opened.
PNG-2189The Auto and Manual resolve link operation fails to resolve links in “InCopy” after you sync the main file. This happens if you make links of unversioned assets containing the ampersand (&) special character in the linked asset.
VABNG-2258When an asset is being purged, but is locked by a different user, the asset only gets deleted but not purged.
ZC-1537Randomly, some operations involving the working copy fail with a message that the thumbnail database is locked. This is typically observed when more than one operation is executed internally – like creation of smart links + convert to working copy in one go.
Table describing the major known / pending issues in this release of Zoom

Environment and System Requirements

This section lists the environment, system requirements, certified components, and the third-party compatibility matrix associated with this release of Zoom.

Third-party Compatibility Matrix

Operating Systems (Servers)CentOS 7
Operating Systems (Clients)Windows 10 Pro, macOS Catalina 10.15.7, BigSur 11.2.2, 11.2
BrowsersChrome – 89.0.4389.114, Safari – 14.0.3 (16610., Firefox- 87.0, Edge Version – 89.0.774.63
Adobe appsAdobe Photoshop 22.3, Adobe Illustrator 25.2.1, Adobe InDesign 16.1, Adobe Premiere Pro 15, Adobe After Effects 18, Adobe InCopy 16.1
Telestream Vantage7.2.166
Adobe AIRHarman Air-, Adobe Air-
PerlPerl (v5.26.1)
Evolphin Job Hubv8.1-RELEASE-43
Table describing the third-party compatibility matrix associated with this release of Zoom.

Upgrade Zoom:

This release is compatible with 8.1.0-RELEASE.50 and above.

For detailed information about the steps involved in upgrading Zoom to the latest version, see Zoom Server Upgrade from 8.0 to 8.1.

Documentation and Support

This section provides details about Zoom product documentation and the additional resources that you can use to learn more about Zoom.

ReleaseDocumentation and additional resources
Table listing links to documentation and additional resources for Zoom.