Release Notes for Evolphin Zoom 8.2

Launch Date: September 7th, 2021

Latest Release Date: October 1st, 2021

8.2.0-RELEASE.406 includes updates for the Linux server, Mac and Windows clients and carries all the enhancements and fixes from previous releases.

Revision History

This section lists the revisions in the series.

Release numberDateDescription
8.2.0-RELEASE.406October 1st, 2021This is the second release in the 8.2 series
8.2.0-RELEASE.347September 7th, 2021This is the first release in the 8.2 series

New Features and Enhancements

  • Authors can now receive notifications when their assets are modified
  • Administrators can opt to avoid the auto resubmit of failed transcoding jobs when the Zoom service restarts
  • Image transcoding via S3 has been enhanced
  • R3D files can now be transcoded from S3
  • Email alerts for transcoding errors has been added
  • Transcode Trends & Export Transcode Reports have been added. Administrators can review information such as the total native media size, completion time, duration of videos and video transcoding speed
  • A pause feature has been added to the transcoder to give administrators more control over the queue
  • Users are now able to upload proxy files for their high-res assets irrespective of transcoding status
  • A new feature has been added to the Adobe Premiere plugin which lets users create a Premiere sequence from an AI or human curated data timeline
  • Users can now copy text from any metadata field to the clipboard when using the Creative Cloud plugins
  • Search in the Creative Cloud plugins has been enhanced to include asset IDs
  • The Search feature has been separated into its own tab in the Creative Cloud plugins
  • Users can now browse to the parent folder of the active project from the Creative Cloud plugins
  • Users can now associate multiple exports with a single project in the Creative Cloud plugins
  • Advanced Search in the WebClient and Zoom Desktop can now be restricted to selected folders or projects
  • The PDF viewer has been enhanced in the WebClient and Zoom Desktop
  • Link and layer information for Creative Cloud projects are now visible in the WebClient and Zoom Desktop
  • A Smart Copy/Links tab has been added to the Zoom Desktop which lets users see all connected assets
  • Search in Directory has been added to the WebClient and Zoom Desktop
  • Zoom Desktop now supports search with type-ahead to make it easy to locate assets within a folder
  • Advanced Search in the WebClient and Zoom Desktop now supports Search by Author, Check-in Date and Comments
  • Next and Previous buttons have been added to search results to supplement the current navigation tools
  • The Zoom Desktop’s Settings have been enhanced with additional features and configuration options
  • The Restore feature has been added to the Zoom Desktop
  • Users can now sort using the metadata columns in the WebClient and the Zoom Desktop
  • Some of the generic thumbnails have been updated
  • The default placeholder for high-res assets has been updated
  • Users can now mute notifications in collections
  • Administrators can now set and enforce password policies for external users
  • Zoom now supports changing the global WebClient URL for emails and link sharing
  • Zoom now supports location-wise Archive On Ingest storage configuration
  • The Zoom logs have been enhanced to record memory and Web Management Console/WebClient/Preview service access logs for the Zoom and Preview Servers

Fixed Issues

This section describes the issues that were fixed in this release of Zoom.

Zoom 8.2.0-Release.406
ZS-12032SSL-related memory leak
VAB8-189Add configuration to auto-lock the files on checkout from Zoom Desktop
VAB8-188No feedback given when a collection is created
EJH-464Client hub settings are not having an effect on the app’s behavior
ZS-12031Collections are slow to load
VABNG-3612Issues with simultaneous auto-checkout operations
VAB8-93Folder structure should be displayed in alphabetical order while browsing by file path in Advanced Search
ZC-1596Metadata values list should be displayed in the alphabetical order while assigning metadata in WebClient, Asset Browser or Zoom Desktop
EJH-441Wording changes to the check-in success message
VAB8-187Metadata timeline info leaking into a different asset in the preview media player
VAB8-186AI metadata info leaking into a different asset in the preview media player
ZS-12033Allow empty SMTP user and password when security is set to NONE
EJH-469Incorrect transfer status assigned to asset when the hub is restarted mid-transfer
VAB8-205Incorrect value displayed for “Revision Size” metadata
ZS-12038Enhance preview generation for assets that benefit from scrubbing
New releases carry over fixes from previous versions
Zoom 8.2.0-Release.347
Ticket IdDescription
ZS-11923Zoom database structure enhancements
ZS-11299Resurrect command fails when no DRM start date is present
ZS-11906Web Management Console: Highlighted users discrepancy when using refresh command
ZS-11881Unable to delete a user if email is assigned to multiple accounts
ZS-11710Error pulling users from LDAP on first attempt after deleting them
PNG-2024Markers may be added twice to a Premiere sequence when a user links to the XML sequence
PNG-2223Visual enhancements to the plug-in Export tool
PNG-2248Allow embedding SVG assets to an Illustrator project
PNG-2247Open project parent folder in the file chooser dialog while resolving offline links
WC-1353Collection users are able to download the asset when the download permission is not permitted to the user
WC-2451Downloading PDF with comments is not working when name contains special characters
WC-2459Compare view not showing older revision comments
ZS-11863Start and End dates are different for the completed jobs on the main job dashboard page and job details page
ZS-11421Size should be displayed in decimal values in the Job dashboard
FTS-92Enhancements to Curator indexing
ZS-11901The Search and Execute generated csv file is always showing first 1000 assets only although the count is greater
PNG-2249High-res assets are ingested again with a new asset ID if the user syncs after switching to Low Res and the low-res is also on the TPM
ZS-11882Enhancements to login error displayed when invalid credentials are detected
ZS-11967Formatting enhancements to Digital Rights Management emails
ZS-11948No values displayed for the current day in General Reports (Web Management Console)
PNG-2246Revised message when links are updated upon clicking Sync
ZS-11959Formatting enhancements to HTML email contents
EJH-438Queuing enhancements to the Zoom Job Hub
WC-2394Issues downloading S3 high-res
WC-2452File not found message when clicking on the activity panel depending on indexing status
New releases carry over fixes from previous versions

Known Issues

This section describes the known issues and any major pending issues associated with this release of Zoom.

Zoom 8.2.0-Release.406
ZS-12049A blank screen infrequently appears when exporting different resolutions while a preview is playing
ZS-12041Incorrect ration when cropping thumbnails
ZS-12042Ability to scrub high-res placeholder
VABNG-3605Advanced Search error when TO and FROM date is the same
EJH-471“Request sent to server failed” message pops up when resubmitting a failed restore job
Zoom 8.2.0-Release.347
Ticket IdDescription
ZS-11946Advance Search: Issues when using export to csv and export to xml
ZS-11944Search and Execute is not generating reports until it completes the operation
PNG-2205Same cached color is displaying for same type of data timeline when user
PNG-2251Unauthorized message while previewing files in the plug-in under certain circumstances
ZS-11939Administrators may receive multiple emails for the same critical server operation (e.g. Zoom service restart)
EJH-434Cleanup jobs should not be triggered when files are not present in the TPM
VAB8-32Users may not receive an email after using the Forgot Password feature in the Zoom Desktop
VABNG-3588Uploading a manual proxy is aborted with a mandatory metadata warning even in instances where metadata is not required
EJH-428The Asset Size values may not be displayed correctly in the Hub Dashboard for Mid-Res jobs
EJH-426Archive/Restore can fail for TPM files on a network/UNC path under certain circumstances
VABNG-3573The Zoom Desktop icons are not displayed under certain circumstances
ZS-11915Failed transcode emails are being resent for failed assets upon a Zoom service restart
VAB8-28A user’s favorite assets are not synchronizing between the Asset Browser and the Zoom Desktop
EJH-413S3 Uploads will fail if the incoming folder has trailing spaces
VAB8-146Notification setting in the Web Management Console may reset under certain circumstances
PNG-2285Preview issues for specific Creative Cloud releases
WC-2474Global comments are not displaying when comparing versions
PNG-2242Plug-in compatibility issue with InCopy and the Apple M1 processor
VABNG-3283Downloading an asset may file if it was resized beforehand
ZS-11903ERROR 500 when deleting jobs in the Hub Dashboard if the update time is empty
PNG-2258URL error when links have the special character % in the filename
PNG-2262Retain user selection in the asset list if switching resolution fails in the plug-in
EJH-420Bulk archiving notifications in the Zoom Client rather than notifying per asset
VAB8-158Sorting using the status column is not working in the Zoom Desktop
VAB8-166Zoom Desktop header is not visible while scrolling the collections from the Collection tab
VAB8-107The login screen may appear under certain circumstances while working in the Zoom Desktop
VAB8-101Issuing a search or browsing to a folder may show empty results if the Zoom Desktop client session was left active overnight
EJH-420Hub Dashboard GUI user interface may be distorted when reducing/resizing the web browser

Third Party Issues

Ticket IdDescription
ZC-1587Sorting of assets fails in Java 1.8
WorkAround: The user needs to add the following tag in zm.vmoption:

Environment and System Requirements

This section lists the environment, system requirements, certified components, and the third-party compatibility matrix associated with this release of Zoom.

Third-party Compatibility Matrix

Zoom 8.2.0-Release.406
Evolphin Job Hubv8.2-RELEASE-17-g16eec27
Zoom 8.2.0-Release.347
Server Operating SystemsCentOS 7
Client Operating SystemsWindows 10 Pro, macOS Catalina 10.15.7,
BigSur 11.2.2 (Apple M1) and 11.2 (Intel)
BrowsersChrome – 91.0.4472.124, 92.0.4515.159
Safari – 14.0.3 (16610.
Adobe appsAdobe Photoshop 22.4.3; Adobe Illustrator 25.4, 25.3.1; Adobe InDesign 16.3.2, 16.3; Adobe Premiere Pro 15.4; Adobe After Effects 18.4; Adobe Media Encoder 15.4; Adobe InCopy 16.3
Telestream Vantage7.2.166
PerlPerl (v5.26.1)
Evolphin Job Hubv8.2-RELEASE-15-g21aa6dd

Upgrade Zoom:

This release is compatible with 8.2.0-Release.1 and above.

For detailed information about the steps involved in upgrading Zoom to the latest version, see Zoom Server Upgrade from 8.0 to 8.1.

Documentation and Support

This section provides details about Zoom product documentation and the additional resources that you can use to learn more about Zoom.

ReleaseDocumentation and additional resources