Release Notes for Evolphin Zoom 8.1.1

Release Date: 17th May, 2021

Zoom 8.1.1-RELEASE.17 is the further release in the Karakoram series. This release includes updates for the Mac and Windows clients only

Revision History

Release number DateDescription
8.1.117th May, 2021This is a Minor Client Release

New Features and Enhancements

  • Ability to filter and find a specific file in a directory in plugin
  • Ability to import specific marker in plugin
  • Asset should be in selected mode after the user browses to Parent folder from the Search or link tab via right-click context menu option
  • Added support for pagination in collection loading
  • Smart Copy/Link Icon shows more details on mouse over including the path for source file similar to VAB 7
  • Migration process auto resumes on permission error and checks if the source is accessible now.
  • Added configuration option for skip/fail or override file during archive/restore option
  • Support for multiple incoming buckets.
  • Advanced search dropdown selection is enhanced to work with the down arrow key in Keyboard.

Issues Fixed

Ticket IdDescription
PNG-2170Ability to filter and find a specific file in a directory in plugin
PNG-2173Ability to import specific marker in plugin
PNG-2178Better indication for Advanced search filters
PNG-2197Any filtering in the client context(e.g. search within links in the Links tab) should narrow the results on typing the filter text instead of relying on the enter key.
PNg-2174Advance search dropdown selection should work with the keyboard down arrow.
PNG-2062Metadata order in asset details page should have the AI groups at the top
PNG-2196Data Timeline import should only be coming on audio/video file type
PNG-1893Asset should be in selected mode after the user browser to Parent folder from the Search or link tab via right-click menu option
PNG-264An option to mute the voice would be effective in Plugins while playing video
PNG-2053GUI | Multiple spacing issue while viewing assets in the Asset details page.
PNG-1625Regression | Illustrator –> Export | Single digit value cannot be deleted in ‘Specify Range’ field
PNG-2139Action is also taken when the user clicks on anywhere in the Actions entire row on the asset details page.
PNG-2146List View | Asset names are still truncated although there is enough space to display complete asset names in the advanced search result.
PNG-2181Right click in list view is not selecting any asset
PNG-2185Checkout/Overlay icon is not displaying properly if the asset name is too long in the Advance search result.
PNG-2193Broken Links are showing ‘View in Explorer’ option enabled in context menu
PNG-7Linked files Tab | Low/Mid/High Res buttons are displaying although there are no links
PNG-268Pressing enter button on keyboard should allow user to create a Project using template in Plugin
PNG-2158While exporting, the artboard name is not appending for .jpg and .png extension files.
PNG-2205Data Timelines | Cached color code should be used for Set Markers.
PNG-2222Offline links are not getting relinked when linked from the plugin Link panel
PNG-2220Add View in exported file option for export finish screen when Sync option is disabled
PNG-2219Create export output directory if it does not exist
VABNG-3470Hires path and tool tip for hires path for folder is not same
VABNG-3535Infinite Progress line keeps showing at the top in Desktop
ZC-1563Upgrade Electron and packaging for VAB desktop application
VAB8-17Make Smart Link Icon clickable in VAB Desktop
VAB8-16Edit / Open context menu in details view
VAB8-14Make the calendar libs consistent across the apps
ZC-1574Placeholder missing error for non-std extensions
VABNG-3546Random – Custom background images not loaded for windows
WC-2425Asset shell-life End & Start metadata values are always not displaying in search results although metadata is displaying while browsing
WC-2433Private Note and comments colour issue
WC-2437Tooltip is consuming too much space and increase the delay to show the tooltip
WC-2438Filter have some Issues, it doesn’t shows data according to filters in some scenario
WC-2418Popups are overlapping with activity panel
WC-2417So Much blank space at home page favourite assets.
WC-2409Webclient: File icon is coming up for the videos file during upload
WC-2389Webclient: Duplicate email ID are appearing in a specific scenario
WC-2423Webclient:UI issue for long length metadata value in Data timeline view.
WC-2311Webclient: In Share & Download panel different labelling for the same file type
WC-2380Webclient: “Delete Collection Permanently” button is faded
WC-2386Webclient: Able to move the comments outside the assets preview border
WC-2385Webclient: Enter text in the playback Timecode
WC-2236Advanced Search Drop Down Lists Not Listed in Alphabetical Order
WC-2424Few metadata values are not displayed in search results although metadata is displayed while browsing when there are more metadata columns configured.
WC-2435Collections show wrong data when add/remove any asset to collection.
WC-2431Add an option ‘Add to Collection’ in the asset detail view menu.
WC-2416Media Failed text overlapping issues
EJH-131Add configuration option for skip/fail or override file during archive/restore option
EJH-397Support for multiple incoming buckets.

Known issues

Ticket IdDescription
PNG-2103Users are unable to uncheck the “SYNC AFTER EXPORT” checkbox on the export tab in After Effects when the main file is unversioned.
PNG-2221Oops! No matches found for the given criteria error message is displaying in the Zoom desktop while performing the “View in Zoom” for Folders from the right-click menu
PNG-2224Plugin Extensions missing after updating to Photoshop 22.3 on-wards on mac mini 28(having Apple M1 chip)
PNG-2225Advance search dropdown selection doesn’t work with keyboard down arrow for metadata having drop-down menu
PNG-2227Checkout/Overlay icon is not updating when user edit the file from Browse/Search or Advance Search tab
PNG-2242Plugin Extensions missing after updating to InCopy 16.2.1 on-wards on mac mini 28(having Apple M1 chip)
VABNG-3555Auto refresh issue for desktop app while auto logout from Z menu

Environment and system requirements

This section lists the environment, system requirements, certified components, and the third-party compatibility matrix associated with this release of Zoom.

Third-party Compatibility Matrix

Zoom Build8.1.1 Release
Operating Systems (Servers)NA
Operating Systems (Clients)Windows 10 Pro,macOS Catalina 10.15.7BigSur 11.2.2(Apple M1 processor), 11.2
BrowsersChrome – 90.0.4430.212Safari – 14.0.3 (16610. 87.0Edge Version – 89.0.774.63
Adobe appsAdobe Photoshop 22.3.1Adobe Illustrator 25.2.3Adobe InDesign 16.2.1Adobe Premiere Pro 15.1Adobe After Effects 18.1Adobe InCopy 16.2
Telestream Vantage7.2.166
Adobe AIRHarman Air- Air-
PerlPerl (v5.26.1)
Evolphin Job Hubv8.1-RELEASE-43

Upgrade Zoom

This release is compatible with 8.1.0-Release.49 and above.

The client build can be automatically upgraded using your eZ Updater