7.2.2 Collections Patch Notes


Release Date: 17th December 2018

Evolphin Zoom 7.2.2-RELEASE.78 is a patch release for Windows servers, and for Windows and Mac clients.

Usability Enhancements

  • Dynamic collections can now be set to only include assets whose latest revision’s metadata matches the search criteria of the collection. To update the filtering in dynamic collections, follow this post.

Major Fixes

  • Image converters are updated to convert multiple images successfully while downloading assets from the Web Client or the Asset Browser.
  • Users are now able to add assets to a collection as per the permissions set in the collection. This is also applicable to the project vault for the collection even when the user does not have permission to access the project vault as per Zoom project/role assignment.
  • In the Asset Browser, users can now share collections with all users assigned to a project successfully. Any shared user of a collection cannot modify permissions of the collection owner now. Also, shared users with only view permission on the collection cannot remove assets from the collection or change permissions assigned to the other users of the collection.

Pending Issues

  • Collections page takes time to load when there are many collections to list (60+). This is observed with Curator enabled in the Web Client, Web Asset Browser, and Asset Browser.
  • The permissions assigned to users through the Asset Browser and Web Client do not match exactly. When permissions are assigned from one of them, the outcome may be different in the other one.
  • When a collection is shared with a role or a project in the Asset Browser, there is no way to know which users got access to the collection on this basis in the Web Client. Additionally, these users can only view the collection, even if ‘Can Edit’ or ‘Can Edit/Delete’ permission was assigned to their role or project.