Usability Enhancements

Major Fixes

  • As a measure to increase security within the Zoom framework, session tokens are not transmitted as a parameter now in URLs used in the communication between the Zoom components, including Zoom Server, Zoom Client, Web Management Console, Web Client, Asset Browser, Web Asset Browser, and zm commands.
  • Removed a code vulnerability where the user profile may be updated using the Web Management Console to gain undue access to admin functions.
  • Zoom installer on Mac has been updated to include changes for Java 8.
  • Users with Project Admin roles can now browse DRM assets in the Web Management Console.
  • For the Web Client, email notifications will now be triggered on asset approval/rejection or collection expiry when these have been configured.
  • In the Web Client, downloading one or more assets in a collection as a zip works fine now with no duplicates in the downloaded zipped file.
  • The ‘Add Tag’ button on Collection detail page displays properly now in the Web Client.
  • While using the Ping realm, global logout in a desktop Zoom app also logs out the user from Zoom web apps now.
  • In the Ping realm, attempting global single sign-on from the Zoom Adobe plugin on multiple Adobe apps works without any error now.
  • Files imported via Hot Folder are now saved inside Zoom with the default comment “hot-folder import”.
  • Users can log in using single sign-on without any hassle through the Zoom Adobe plugin in more than one Adobe apps at the same time now.
  • In the Zoom Adobe plugin, users can now log-in to Zoom without the login page automatically refreshing and clearing out the typed credentials.
  • In the Zoom Adobe plugin, auto-login works seamlessly even if a different user is logged-in the Asset Browser or the Z-icon.
  • In the Ping realm, a user does not get logged out now after clicking Reload Properties inside the Zoom Adobe plugin.
  • Cinema 4D Team Render settings are successfully validated now in the Z-Settings window.
  • For HADR Servers running in different time zones, spec replication works now so that all servers are always in sync now.
  • On a HADR setup, the user is able to rename/delete/purge/resurrect assets now without any error message or the user getting logged out.
  • For a HADR setup running on SSL mode, Curator Dashboard in the Web Management Console now works without an error.
  • On a HADR setup, audit log indexing works on all servers now instead of only the first available server.
  • In the Visual Asset Browser, keyword change for one or more assets is saved successfully now.
  • In the Web Asset Browser, asset thumbnails are still available after Zoom Server recovers from an unexpected crash.
  • A proper confirmation message is shown now when an asset is moved between folders in the Web Client.
  • While checking-in assets on a HADR setup, the popup informing about copying of data to the other HADR Servers shows the Cancel button now instead of ‘Run in Background’ as the functionality to hide that popup is not available.