EZ Updater Release Notes

EZ Updater Release 8.92-Beta

Release Date: 3rd Jan 2018

The EZ Updater Beta release provides EZ Downloader and EZ Client components. It supports Zoom release 6.0 and above.

New Features

  • EZ Updater is an automated distribution system for Zoom releases from administrators to client machines. In includes EZ Downloader for admins and EZ Client for client machines.

Major Pending Issues

  • The existing Zoom configuration files on the EZ Client are first backed up and then copied after a Zoom update. Any new additions to these configuration files for the new Zoom version are not available as these are overwritten by the old files. These changes have to be made manually. 
  • One-click EZ Client install fails on Windows 8. To fix this, change the EZ Downloader IP in its ez-updater.xml configuration file from to its network IP.
  • The EZ Client does not show a prompt or notification before installing a scheduled Zoom build.
  • If the EZ Client machine is not restarted after a scheduled automatic Zoom Client upgrade, the upgrade gets triggered again.
  • Machines running all OSs are listed when trying to remotely install an OS-specific Zoom build through the EZ Web portal on the EZ Downloader.
  • Sometimes, at the EZ Client machine, checking for updates is triggered before the scheduled time when the Zoom Updater service is restarted.
  • If EZ Client user manually installs the latest build and EZ has a lower build available, then it fails to install and triggers a fail event.
  • After completing a Zoom upgrade, a restart is not requested on the EZ Client running Windows 7. To fix this, manually restart after every upgrade.
  • The Zoom version and last updated time for Client machines show incorrect information in the Managed Machine page on the EZ Web portal.
  • After a Zoom update on a Mac client, the next scheduled Zoom upgrade time does not appear on the EZ Web portal’s Activities page before the system is restarted.
  • Sometimes, the EZ Client Web portal and EZ Assistant icon become inaccessible. To fix this, restart the Client machine.
  • On Windows 7, sometimes, Zoom Client becomes inaccessible after upgrading Zoom through the EZ Client.
  • Sometimes, if installation frequency is set to ‘Manually’ for an EZ Client, the Zoom upgrade installer is not downloaded from the EZ Downloader. To fix this, it is recommended to always keep installation frequency as Automatic.
  • Sometimes on a Windows EZ Client, if the user tries to check for update using the Zoom Assistant icon, she is redirected to the EZ Web portal. To fix this, check for update on the EZ Web portal.
  • If the EZ Client machine is not restarted manually after a remote Zoom update, then the update will be reported failed on the EZ Downloader. The EZ Client should be restarted manually after any update/installation.
  • Sometimes, Zoom Client update using EZ Client fails to proceed after reporting that an update is available.
  • EZ Client will report installation failed for an available and approved version of Zoom Client if the installed version on the EZ Client is available but not approved in the EZ Downloader. To fix this, make sure that any previous versions of Zoom Client that EZ Clients may need to uninstall are available and approved in the EZ Downloader.
  • The update check on an EZ Client is triggered before the scheduled time listed on the EZ Web portal.
  • Sometimes, the EZ Client keeps on showing Zoom upgrade installation as under progress while the EZ Web portal shows that the upgrade has finished.
  • If session times out during entering values on the EZ Web portal on the EZ Downloader, the values are getting saved after re-login.
  • Sometimes, after restarting an EZ Mac Client, the check for update window does not open even if a Zoom update is available. The Zoom update is, however, installed automatically in the background.
  • The same version of the EZ Client setup may be installed again on an EZ Client machine without uninstalling.
  • Sometimes, on the EZ Downloader, if the user navigates to another page before saving the EZ Client builds on the EZ Uploader page, the builds are still saved.
  • Sometimes, the installation link is not copied to the clipboard after clicking the ‘Copy URL’ button on the Upload EZ page in the EZ Web portal for the EZ Downloader. To fix this, copy the link by selecting and copying the URL text.
  • If installation frequency is set to every minute, the same build is installed twice on the EZ Client machine.
  • Sometimes, the same Zoom installation is done twice on the EZ Client machine. In this case, the email notification is also sent out twice for the same build on that EZ Client.
  • On an EZ Mac Client, the user is not able to deselect the option to start EZ Assistant at login before restarting after EZ Client installation.
  • When the Zoom update is manually triggered on any client machine, duplicate activities are triggered for the same installation.
  • Incorrect timestamps are displayed for activities listed on the Activities page on the EZ Web portal.
  • If SMTP port value is left blank when saving mail settings on the EZ Web portal, then a java exception is thrown.
  • Sometimes, the super admin user is not able to login to Zoom Web Management Console after installation of Zoom through EZ Client.
  • Sometimes, when a user logs in for the first time or after a session timeout to the EZ Web portal, a blank screen is shown with the EZ menu bar on top. Click on any menu option on the top bar to proceed.
  • If during a Zoom update through EZ, the update fails due to previous Zoom build not being available (and approved) on the EZ Downloader, then no email is sent out informing about the failed build.
  • Sometimes, the email triggered after a successful Zoom installation contains incorrect previous Zoom version information.

Minor Pending Issues

  • The latest version of Adobe Air is not packaged with the EZ build. The user is prompted to upgrade/install Adobe Air after installing EZ. If the user cancels it, then EZ installation fails.
  • If Zoom Client is remotely installed from the EZ Web portal on the EZ Downloader, the EZ Web portal does not show its progress automatically.
  • An incorrect version number is displayed for EZ in the Control Panel on Windows.
  • Sometimes when the progress bar is displayed on the EZ Web portal to show the progress of any activity, the screen flickers when the progress bar grows. 
  • For EZ Downloader or EZ Client, the version may not be fetched from the command line.
  • EZ Assistant window may be resized down without any limit. This may make it difficult to use.