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Hub setup

The Hub Server is installed to manage jobs for various Zoom modules. It can be used to manage Hierarchical Archive or AI jobs for Zoom.

You can install it on any server in your Zoom network. You need to have the Hub installer from Evolphin Support to proceed.

Hub is installed after Hub configuration has been added into Zoom.


Installing the Hub

Extract the shared Hub installer zip to any path on your designated Hub Server machine and follow the steps below to install the Hub:

On Windows

  1. Open Command Line as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to the /bin folder inside the extracted Hub build files.
  3. Run Hub install (this will register Evolphin Job Hub as a service)
  4. Run Hub start (this will start the Hub Server)
    To stop use Hub stop; for restart use Hub restart. To remove this service use Hub remove.

On Linux

  1. Navigate to the ../EJH/bin
  2. Run ./Hub start (this will start Hub server)
    To stop use ./Hub stop, for restart use ./Hub restart and to remove this service use ./Hub remove.

Registering with Zoom

After installing the Hub using the steps above, open the Hub Configuration page using the URL http://[HubIP]:[HubPort]/config/Hub-config in your browser to configure the remaining details and register the Hub with you Zoom Server. The Hub IP and port are the same as configured in the Hub Settings Panel inside the Web Management Console earlier.

Update the basic connectivity details like the Hub Host and Hub Port.

Update the Location with the location of the hub as specified in the Web Management Console’s Hub Settings Panel.

Update the Zoom Server’s Web Management Console’s URL under Webmin URL.

In order to run search queries on Zoom and to perform other operations throughout the course of the archive/restore operations, a dedicated Zoom user account is required. Update that Zoom User and Zoom Password here. 

Enter the Zoom Minimum Support Version by finding out from zm version command on the Command-Line.

Select Enable Location Based Hub if you want this Hub to service archive/restore requests only on the assets that are in the same location as the Hub. If this is not selected, then the Hub will service all assets that need to be processed if it has physical access to them even if they are on a different location.

Click Save.

The Hub is now registered with Zoom. If needed, you can modify these settings here on the Hub Config page and update other Hub configuration parameters through the Zoom Web Management Console.