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Hub logs

The Hub writes its events to a log file ejh_server.log. This file is saved in the logs folder inside your Hub installation directory. Apart from ejh_server.log, wrapper.log is another log file present in the logs directory. Wrapper.log file logs any errors escaped from Hub logs and also logs related to Hub Server startup.

These log files help you locate issues in case of errors or when Hub is behaving abnormally. Whenever logs are requested, always submit both the log files to Evolphin Support.

It is possible to control the various log configurations by editing the file log4jConf.xml in the conf folder inside your Hub installation directory.

By editing log4jConf.xml you can control:

  1. Log file’s directory.
  2. Log file name – controlled by the tag <FileName>
  3. Rolling properties of log files.
  4. Maximum number of log files.
  5. Various log levels – controlled by tag <Root level>


In most cases, the default settings for logs will work for you. If you still need to change something, look at the sample log4jConf.xml to update these values:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<RollingFile name=”RollingFile”>
<Pattern>%d{yyyy-MMM-dd HH:mm:ss:SSS a} [%t] %-5level [%C{1}.%M] – %msg%n</Pattern>
<SizeBasedTriggeringPolicy size=”5 MB”/>
<DefaultRolloverStrategy max=”20″/>
<Root level=”info”>
<AppenderRef ref=”RollingFile”/>
<Logger name=”org.springframework” level=”WARN”>
<AppenderRef ref=”RollingFile”/>
<Logger name=”org.hibernate” level=”WARN”>
<AppenderRef ref=”RollingFile”/>
<Logger name=”org.apache.http.impl.conn.Wire.wire” level=”WARN”>
<AppenderRef ref=”RollingFile”/>
<Logger name=”org.apache.http.wire” level=”WARN”>
<AppenderRef ref=”RollingFile”/>
<Logger name=”org.apache.http.headers” level=”WARN”>
<AppenderRef ref=”RollingFile”/>
<Logger name=”org.apache.http.impl.conn” level=”WARN”>
<AppenderRef ref=”RollingFile”/>