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Zoom 7.3 License

7.3 License Changes

In one of the major enhancements of the 7.3 release, we now support integration with multiple VideoFx, VideoLx, Vantage servers. These ancillary transcoding / ingest servers may be geographically distributed, and the system comes with the ability of seamless location detection and management. In addition, it will also be possible to distribute the assets across multiple mount points (PSAN) within a single location too. The license information also has been updated to reflect this key advanced feature. 

The number of allotted servers for each category is listed in the license information as shown in the screenshot below. 

To find out how to checkout the relevant licenses for individual VideoFx, VideoLx and Vantage integrations, please refer to the setup details here. 

To work with VideoLX, VideoFX or Multi-Tiered Archived, a fresh license is needed. Please contact Evolphin Support for details. 
For deployments that do not need to use any of these new features, their existing license keys will continue to work. 


All other details remain the same as the previous 7.x releases.