HADR Archive Configuration

Minimum Zoom version supported: 5.5

All HADR Archive Management changes will be replicated to all Zoom servers. Changes made on one Zoom server will be reflected back on all other Zoom servers.
So, enable/disable of Archive in HADR Archive Management will enable/disable it on all Zoom servers. Same of all settings present in it.

Enable HADR Archive

  • Login to Zoom Web Management Console as super admin user( e.g http://your-server:8443 ).
  • Open server control panel and Click on HADR Archive Management.
  • Tick on Enable Archive checkbox.
Enable HADR Archive 1

Understanding HADR Archive Configurations

Pre/Post Archive Restore Scripts

  • Pre Script for Archive: Given script will be executed before archive any asset(s). Archive operation will be aborted if script returns non zero status.
  • Pre Script for Restore: Given script will be executed before restore any asset(s). Restore operation will be aborted if script returns non zero status.
  • Post Script for Archive: Given script will be executed after archive of asset(s).
  • Post Script for Restore: Given script will be executed after restore of asset(s).

Scripts Execution Place

HADR Archive/Restore scripts can be configured to run either on all Zoom servers or on Single Zoom server. ( i.e SINGLE_PEER or ALL_PEER ).

  • Scripts will be executed only on the Zoom server which has access to Archive Location.
  • Archive location should be configured and provided to Zoom server.
  • Archive operation will be aborted and has no effect on server if Zoom server doesn’t have valid archive location.
  • And Scripts will be executed only on the servers which have valid Archive location.
  • Archive location should be available to database writer server. Click here to see How to find out Database writer server.

Configure Archive/Restore Scripts to Run For Single Zoom Server( i.e SINGLE_PEER )

  • Open HADR Archive Management from Server Control Panel.
  • Goto field: “Peer name for script execution”
  • Type the Zoom server name(peer name) where you want execute the archive restore scripts.
    • Please remember that Script will only be executed if archive location is also set on that peer in server.xml.
  • Zoom server name (peer name) can be found in hadr spec of server.xml with field myname.
  • Save the settings.
  • Once saved, re-open the HADR Archive Management to verify that changes have taken effect. See the attached screenshot.
HADR Archive Script Exection Place - 1 Fixed
Mailing List
  • We recommend adding email address to receive archive/restore related alerts. Emails can alert the Admins in case of Archive/Restore failures and finding out the problem.
  • Multiple email addresses separated by comma can be given.
Once HADR Archive is enabled and above mentioned settings are configured if required. Now its time to provide archive location.
Please read and follow below mentioned steps carefully. It is advised to follow the steps accurately.

Providing Archive Location

Please follow the below given steps carefully to set Archive Location in HADR Zoom servers:

  1. Find the database writer server. To find database writer server follow this article: Find Database Writer.
  2. Open the Zoom webmin management console of the server who is database writer.
  3. Goto Server Control Panel and Open Archive Management( It is just archive management not HADR Archive Management)
  4. Note: “Archive Management” settings are local archive settings and do not replicate to all Zoom servers.
  5. Goto Archive Location field and provide archive location path which must exist on this server and save the setting.
  6. Server needs to be restarted on Save.
HADR Archive Location - 2 Fixed

**** WARNING **** If you are planning to use Minimum Archive Threshold and Restore Threshold, then you need to made these changes on all Zoom servers manually. All Zoom servers should have exactly same values for Archive/Restore Thresholds. Please restart all Zoom servers after changing these settings.

Once all the settings are saved and done. Your server’s are ready to do Archive/Restore Operation in HADR.

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