Export/Import Metadata

Zoom allows you to change or apply metadata to multiple files in the repository. To accomplish this you will have to use the Export Metadata feature and Import command to apply the changes back to the repository. 

1. First add the files you want to make changes to into the cart back clicking on the cart icon on the file in the asset browser.

cart icon in vab

2. Go to the cart menu and click Export Metadata 


 3. save the exported metadata as a csv file

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 1.50.10 PM

 4. edit the metadata csv file with the new metadata information. Please be sure not to change the first field “UID” as this is the unique identifier for the files that you want to update.

5. then use the zm import command to import the file back into the repository.

zm -s import -csv -m "metadata migration" -om -mf zm-metadata.csv

-d is not needed in the command because the export metadata puts the complete path of the file in the UID 

The breakdown of the command can be viewed by typing zm import help or refer to our Bulk metadata import doc.

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