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Evolphin Job Hub Dashboard

Evolphin Job Hub comes with a dashboard that lets us track and monitor the jobs. Here are some highlights of what the dashboard offers. 


After Evolphin Job Hub setup is completed, you can visit its dashboard using Web Admin Console -> Hub Settings Panel -> <hub location> from drop-down and then click on Dashboard.

Note that the dashboard will only be opened via the Zoom web admin page. 

Dashboard View

The dashboard opens with a view of all recent jobs with a host of details about each of those jobs. 


You can filter the results based on the type of job as shown here.


You could also filter based on submitted Data, Finish Time, Status and User who invoked the request.

Job Details

To view the list of assets that are part of a job, double-click on the row. This detailed view also shows the individual file-level status and relevant times like the status change times. 

Process Control

From the dashboard you could Pause, Cancel, Delete a job or its individual assets


A more detailed log is maintained and is available for viewing as well as downloading from the Logs tab in the dashboard.