ID: 10257

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Download Asset API

API Request

GET /review/api/asset/download


Cookie Zoom Authenticated Cookie


BODY: queryParams

Key Description Required Default
fuid Asset Id of the file for which metadata has to be exported. Yes

Repository Revision Number of the asset at which metadata has to be exported. 

Use “-1” for latest revision.

Optional -1

If asset is part of collection and collection user wants to download the asset. 

Optional 0


Note: A zip file 

API Response


Response headers are set according to export type. File is directly streamed from server as an HTTP response and can be saved on disk.

Any HTTP client can be used to request and download the exported metadata.

Note: Response headers depends on content type of the file which is being downloaded. Content type header will be set to octet stream for unknown file types


HTTP 401

Authentication failed. Occurs when cookie is not valid.

Curl Command


curl -o acme.psd \
  -H "Cookie: <Zoom user cookie"
  -X GET "http://preview-server:8873/review/api/asset/export/metadata?fuid=<asset-id>&rrn=-1
Above command will download the asset pointed by asset-id from Zoom server.