Additional Setup for Zoom 7.x

Additional Setup when upgrading to Zoom 7.0 and above

Here is a list of configurations for features or enhancements introduced in 7.0.

All other configuration details (like server configuration, metadata specification, and others) must be upgraded as before by merging the old and new files. 
  1. AI is available from Zoom 7.5 onwards to tag AI data in assets. These assets can be viewed with AI data in the Web Client. Learn how to set up AI in Zoom using an AI Engine from an AI Provider.
  2. German locale is available for use with Zoom Clients from Zoom 7.3.1 onwards. Check details on enabling locale on Servers and setting up locale on Zoom Clients.
  3. A new version of the third-party ingest module, VideoFX 2.0, is available from Zoom 7.3 onwards. Check here to set up VideoFX 2.0.
  4. VideoLX 3.0 is also available with Zoom 7.3. This new release of VideoLX can also integrate with a VideoFX setup. Check here to set up VideoLX 3.0. See how it compares with other releases of VideoFX and VideoLX.
  5. A new Auto-Retirement Policy is available to use with Zoom 7.3 onwards. It lets admins set up rules to automatically retire assets. Check here to set up rules for Auto-Retirement.
  6. PingID is available for integration with Zoom 7.2.3 onwards. Check here for details on integrating it with Zoom.
  7. Zoom 7.2 now supports Data Migration to ingest a large volume of data asynchronously to its repository. This is especially useful when migrating from another DAM/MAM software to Zoom. Check here for setting up and starting Data Migration.
  8. In Zoom 7.1, a new Zoom Sketch plugin allows users to access the power of the Zoom repository in the Sketch app. Check here to know the steps to install the plugin. Sketch plugin is not supported from Zoom 7.3 onwards.
  9. Zoom 7.1 is equipped to work with the latest VideoLX 2.0 using Evolphin’s own transcoder for proxy-generation. Check here to set up VideoLX 2.0.
  10. Zoom uses a new licensing model from 7.0 onwards. Check here for details.
  11. From 7.0 onwards, a new Web Client is available for easily sharing assets between Zoom users as well as external users. This Web Client is ready to use after installation. However, setup basic features like your company’s logo, asset filters, and default locations by following Web Client Branding & Configuration .
  12. Zoom Adobe Plugin has some new configuration in 7.0. Take a look at how to manipulate the templates required for New Project creation here New Project Creation in Adobe Plugin .
  13. SSL is now supported for all core Zoom commands from version 7.0 onwards. To setup SSL in Zoom, follow Enable SSL for Desktop Zoom Applications .
  14. New media converters are available from Zoom 7.0 onwards. Check here for information about adding these in Zoom.