Supported File Formats, Codecs & Preview File Types

Zoom is able to store, metadata tag, version control, manage any type of asset, or camera card file. However, there are a sub-set of asset-types that previews can be generated directly by the Zoom Transcoder or Preview Server. The following lists all of the asset types that the Zoom Preview Server can generate high-resolution previews of assets. Below is a list of popular formats supported out of the box. If there is an asset-type that is not listed below, please contact Evolphin Support as we constantly update the supported file formats for preview and thumbnails. To view the current list of file types for which we generate thumbnails, please download this property file.

Animation Formats

File FormatRelated ApplicationsNotes
FLAAdobe FlashCurrent frame is generated as thumbnail through the Creative App plugin.
C4DMaxon Cinema4DThumbnail is generated through the Cinema4D App plugin.
GIFThumbnail or preview supported without animation
Image SequenceThumbnail of a frame, a video animation can be configured during deployment

Adobe Formats

File FormatRelated ApplicationsNotes
INDDAdobe InDesignGenerates high-res preview of first page.
PDFAdobe AcrobatGenerates multi-page previews
AIAdobe Illustrator
PSD,PSBAdobe Photoshop
AEPAdobe After EffectsRequires CC2014+
PPROJAdobe PremiereRequires CC2014+
FLAAdobe Flash ProRequires CS6/CS5

Document Formats

File FormatRelated ApplicationsNotes
INDDAdobe InDesignGenerates high-res preview of the first page.
PDFAdobe AcrobatGenerates multi-page previews
PPT, PPTXMicrosoft PowerpointGenerates multi-page previews
DOC, DOCXMicrosoft WordGenerates multi-page previews
XLS, XLSXMicrosoft WordGenerates multi-page previews

Raster Formats

AI, BMP, PSB (Large Adobe Photoshop), PSD (Adobe Photoshop), JBG, JBIG, JNG, JP2, JPEG, PNG, PNG8, PNG24, PNG32, TIFF

Common RAW Image Formats

ARW, 3FR, CR2, CRW, FFF, DCR, DNG (Adobe Digital Negative), IIQ, MRW, NEF (Nikon), ORF (Olympus), RAF, RW2, X3F

Font File Formats


Vector Formats

AI (Adobe Illustrator), EPI, EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), EPS2 (Encapsulated PostScript 2.0), EPS3 (Encapsulated PostScript 3.0), EPSF, EPSI, EPT, EPT2, EPT3, PS (PostScript), PS2, PS3

Common Video Formats


Audio & Video Codecs

Zoom uses variety of media transcoders for creating previews of audio or video files. Note the ability to create previews is independent of Zoom’s capabilities to store, manage, tag, make content available for editing. A few of the popular transcoders and their formats is listed below:

TranscoderSupported Codecs/Camera Cards
FFmpegPlease visit this link for official list
Telestream VantageEncode Format supported
Decode Format supported
Camera card stitching support: see this and this
RED R3D SDKR3D Formats

Using the extensible Zoom Converter Admin UI, media managers can add additional 3rd party transcoders beyond what’s listed above.

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