Visual Approval Download Fix Patch(10911)

If you have installed Zoom server version 5.5-b10911, then you might face some issue in downloading or exporting assets from Zoom Visual Approval tool. To fix this issue, a patch needs to applied to Zoom Preview Server.

Steps for applying patch:

  1. Download the patch file from Evolphin Support.
    1. A file name review.war of md5 sum 8bed21b16043a0ada4b7e4acd435d483 will be downloaded.
  2. Go to preview server installation directory.
    1. Go to Zoom server installation directory, if Zoom server and Preview server are running from same installation directory.
  3. Go to web/app directory.
  4. In this directory you will find review.war file. Rename the existing review.war file to review.war.bak.
  5. Now put the new review.war file(downloaded in step 1 above) in this directory.
  6. Match the md5 sum with one mentioned in step 1.1 above.
  7. Restart Zoom Preview server.
  8. That’s all. Now patch has been applied.

Click here to open 5.5.1 Release Notes.

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