Fixing Repoid after cloning Zoom database

Changing repoid

Every Zoom Server Database (DB) has an associated Repository ID (or, repoId). This is part of the DB, thus allowing the server to be changed while maintaining the same DB (and hence client Working Copies).

Thus, if a DB is cloned to a new Zoom server, while the old Zoom server is intended to continue running, the repository ID must be changed on either one of the servers. There are two scenarios to consider:

  • If the new Zoom server is assigned a new repoId, any of the existing user working copies (WCs) that contains files checked out from the old Zoom server will remain associated with the old Zoom server.
  • If the old Zoom server is assigned a new repoId and the newly cloned Zoom server keeps the repoid unchanged, the existing user WCs will get associated with the new Zoom server.

The repoid of a server can be changed by executing the zm setpeers command on the Zoom server:

$ zm -s <serverURL> setpeers -f -r <newRepoID>

For instance, on cloning the DB from the Zoom server at “” to “”, the old Zoom server’s repoId could be changed to a new name like “Zoom-Test-repo” by:

zm -s “” setpeers -f -r “Zoom-Test-repo”

Note, only a Zoom Server superadmin user is authorized to issue this command.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How do I resolve the error, “Repository on this server is different from that stored on your client, ..“,  on the Zoom Client upon connecting to a Zoom server

Answer: This happens if you had on the user workstation once connected with an old Zoom server that say had a repoid X. Latter the Zoom server was reinstalled and a new DB was setup with a different repoid Y. The user workstation’s <Home Dir>/.zm folder cached the old repoid X. To resolve the issue:

  1. Delete the <Home Dir>/.zm (dot zm) folder on the user’s workstation
  2. Restart the Zoom client proxy (Z menu -> Restart Client Proxy)
  3. And, setup the server access again. This will sync the new repoid Y.