Updating Zoom License

To update a license (for instance add more users or upgrade from trial to a paid license), a new .key license file needs to be imported into the Zoom Web Management Console. These instructions describe how to update your license file.


  1. Log into the Web Management Console as a user with superadmin privileges.
    For e.g http://yourserver:8443
  2. In the left sidebar, click on License Management.
  3. Click the Add License button located on the top-left corner.
  4. Select the new license key file by clicking the Browse button.
    Ex. myfile.key
  5. Verify the new license information in the license management panel.

Upgrading to Next-Generation Licensing Model

Whenever Zoom changes the licensing model (to introduce newer types of licenses etc.), follow the instructions in this section to upgrade the license. 

Zoom 7.0 introduces a new licensing model so, the license should be upgraded as shown below.
  1. Before starting the Zoom service on the server machine, move the DAM/conf/zoom.key file onto a backup location. 
  2. Start Zoom service.
  3. Launch the Web Management Console
    For e.g http://yourserver:8443
  4. You will be prompted to load a new license. Click the link.
  5. Select the new license key file by clicking the Browse button. You will see a message about successful license loading. 
  6. Log in to the Web Management Console after the server restart.
  7. Verify the new license information in the license management panel. Check the Zoom license post for details about the license.

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