Setting up Hub

You need the Hub Server to manage jobs for various Zoom modules like Hierarchical Archive or AI.

You can install it on any server in your Zoom network. Check that you have the Hub installer from Evolphin Support before proceeding.

Installing the Hub

Extract the shared Hub installer zip/tar to any path on your designated Hub Server machine and follow the steps below to install the Hub:

On Windows

  1. Open Command Line as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to the \bin folder inside the extracted Hub build files.
  3. Run Hub install (this will register Evolphin Job Hub as a service)
  4. Run Hub start (this will start the Hub Server)
    To stop use Hub stop; for restart use Hub restart. To remove this service use Hub remove.

On Linux

  1. Navigate to the /bin folder inside the extracted Hub build files.
  2. Run ./Hub start (this will start Hub server)
    To stop use ./Hub stop, for restart use ./Hub restart and to remove this service use ./Hub remove.
Hub runs as a service called Evolphin Job Hub on the Hub Server.

Registering with Zoom

After installing the Hub using the steps above, you also need to update one or more XML files with the correct configuration before registering with Zoom. When you start the Hub for the first time then it is registered with Zoom using the configuration settings in these XML files. Follow these steps on your Hub machine:

  1. Navigate to the /conf folder inside the folder where you have installed the Hub and locate hub.xml.
  2. Open hub.xml for editing.
  3. Update these tags as needed:
    • hubName: specify the name for this Hub as given in the Web Management Console.
    • host: check that it has the IP/hostname for the Hub Server machine.
    • adminServer: specify Zoom Server’s URL with port used for Web Management Console.
    • zoomUser and zoomPassword: specify a dedicated Zoom user account and password here for use by this Hub machine.
  4. Save and close hub.xml.
  5. In the same /conf folder, locate ai-spec.xml.
  6. Open ai-spec.xml for editing.
  7. Update the tag previewServerUrl with the URL to access Preview Server, that is hostname with the port. For example, <previewServerUrl></previewServerUrl>.
  8. Save and close ai-spec.xml.
  9. Start the Hub service (check Starting and Stopping Zoom Services (Linux) or Starting and Stopping Zoom Services (Windows) to know more about starting this service).
Before starting the Hub, make sure that its configuration has been added into Zoom using the Web Management Console.

The Hub is now registered with Zoom. If needed, you can modify these settings here in the XML files and update other Hub configuration parameters through the Zoom Web Management Console. However, you need to restart Hub service after any change to Hub parameters is made (in the XML files or in Zoom Web Management Console).