Using Zoom

File-type Filter

From Zoom 5.1 onwards, you can filter your search results based on chosen File-type filters. For example, you may only want to see Images, Videos, or Layouts. Each of these File-type filters is further configurable by choosing which extensions to include in each of them. A few File-type filters are available by default. Viewing File-type …

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Data Migration tool in Zoom

From Zoom 7.2 onwards, users can migrate a large volume of data to their Zoom repository using our Data Migration tool in the Asset Browser. The migration process is totally hands-free, without downtime, and can run seamlessly in the background. At any time, the user can check the progress and pause or stop the migration. When resumed, …

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Collaborating on long form video editing using Update with Links feature in Zoom

Overview A long form video editing project in video editing apps such as Adobe Premiere Pro can have upwards of 5000 elements including linked footage. A post-production supervisor or primary editor might create a master prproj file that inks to these elements & footage assets. These linked assets need to be shared with other team editors to …

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The Web Client

The Web Client is full of features to make it easier to work with assets without installing the client-side desktop applications. This powerful tool can let external users connect to a Zoom Preview Server and view a shared collection of assets from anywhere with only as much as a shared link. The internal Zoom users …

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Duplicate Detection

From Zoom 7.0 onwards, no duplicate asset may be imported to a Zoom repository without being flagged for further action. Whenever Zoom detects that the name of the imported asset matches an existing one (in the same project), the user will be prompted to resolve the duplication. Here, admin’s Version is the asset on the repository (last …

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Working with Adobe Premiere Pro

Launch the Zoom Panel Since Adobe Premiere Pro, unlike other Adobe apps, does not allow third-party plugins to be opened without a project, click on any recent project or create a default project in Premiere.  Open the Zoom panel using Windows > Extensions > Evolphin Zoom option in Premiere. Install Adobe Extension If you do not see an Evolphin …

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New Project Creation in Adobe Plugin

From Zoom High-Res Video Management Release onwards, Zoom has added a new option New Project in Zoom Adobe plugin window. New Project This feature will allow the user to check-in the default template project structure into the Zoom repository.  Zoom 6.0 onward, on clicking the New Project button in Zoom Adobe Plugin window, users will have the option to select the template from …

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Asset Browser Home Page*

* This feature is available only in Zoom 7.0 or higher. Search Bar Launch a global search that spans file or folder name and also metadata right from the home page without opening a search tab first. Recent Files See all your recently modified or previewed files in the center of the Homepage. Double click on …

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How to disable info alerts after successful check-ins?

Open file from $HOME/.zm C:\Users\joe\.zm\ Add the following line to the file SHOW_STATUS_ALERT= false   Save the file.  Restart Zoom Client Proxy (check here for instructions on how to do that);  Reopen asset browser.