Getting Started with Zoom

This guide helps you get started with using Zoom with Asset Browser and the desktop clients. As pre-requisites to this guide, we assume that you have completed the . Launching Asset Browser Asset Browser is a very powerful desktop and web application that allows users to browse and search assets that are stored inside of Zoom. Asset …

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Zoom Administration Guide

Introduction This guide is meant to provide all of the necessary items for being the Systems Administrator for Zoom. Most of the Zoom is easy to administrate through the Web Management Console interface. This allows System Administrators and Project Managers to quickly make changes to the server using only their web browsers. Upgrading Zoom Periodically, …

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Installing Zoom Server (Linux)

Zoom Server is certified to run on CentOS / Red Hat Linux for the server (Please check the system requirements for the exact OS version supported at the current time). The following instructions describe how to perform a basic installation of Zoom Server on these systems. This guide assumes that CentOS / RHEL has already …

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