Adding new System Media Converters for 7.0+

You can use add these new system media converters with a Zoom 7.0+ server installation to take advantage of Web Client features such as:

  • Image cropping
  • Image scaling
  • Adding text to an image
  • Extracting an image frame from a video

These following converters are now supported:

  • System – Create Image Sprite
  • System – H.264
  • System – Zoom Extract Images From Video
  • System – Image Crop
  • System – Composite Image
  • System – Video Clip
  • System – Svg and Asset Composite (will be available with the upcoming release Zoom 7.1)

If you upgrade from an existing Zoom database (such as Zoom 6.0), the above converters will not be installed. You must add them as described below.

Follow these steps to add these converters into an upgraded Zoom database or if these converters were missing in a Zoom 7.0+ installation:

  1. On the Zoom Serverlog in as admin on the Web Management Console.
  2. Go to Manage Converters under System > Media Converters node in the Admin Menu on the left. All available media converters are listed on this page.
  3. Backup the existing converters by clicking on Export to XML. Save the downloaded XML file to a backup location just in case anything goes wrong.
  4. If there are any converters that start with the name System (eg. System – H.264) then delete these system converters (check the system converter names from the list above)
  5. Download and open this file on the Zoom Server.
  6. Back on the Zoom Web Management Consoleclick Import from XML to bring up the Import XML box.
  7. Now, copy the contents of the zoom-media-converters file downloaded in step 5 and paste in the Import XML box.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. If the import fails due to a name clash, then remove the entire <customformat></customformat> tag for the converter that is shown as clashing in the Import XML box (any system converter that is already present in Zoom). This can only happen if the system media converters were not deleted in step 4 above.
  10. When all clashes are resolved, click Submit. The import will complete with a success message.
  11. Click OK. The new system media converters are now listed on the Manage Converters page and ready to use with Zoom.
  12. You can now try out the features offered by these converters like cropping in the new Zoom Web Client!