How to debug auto-checkout issues?

The best way to debug auto-checkout issues is to collect more details. You can do this by enabling process-level logging. Please follow the steps given below to do this:

  • In your Zoom server deployment, navigate to the conf/ folder and open the wrapper.conf file.
  • Search for the phrase “” and locate the last uncommented (not preceded by #) appearance of this. 
  • Now insert a new line after this point and add the following:<nn>=-DAUTOCHECKOUT_LOGGING=TRUE
    • Here <nn> should be one more than the last uncommented line you found earlier. For example, if you had "" as the last value, you must enter in the new line "" 
  • Save the file and restart Zoom server
  • Repeat the auto-co sequence that is causing issues
  • Navigate to the $HOME/.zm/logs

You must now see one or more folders of the pattern “autoco_<process-ID>@$USER”. These folders will contain detailed logs with the parameters passed to the forked process as well as the response from them. 

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