Auto Checkout is not updating the modifications made in the server

When you enable auto-checkout for the first time on your Zoom server, you may find that the assets are checked out the first time. But any modifications you may do to the target location on the Zoom repository may not get reflected in your auto-checkout location on disk. In that case, you can carry out the following steps to resolve the issue. 

  • Open the terminal on your Zoom server
  • Issue a remote version command like this – zm http://localhost:8880 version -l 

After this one-time workaround, you must start to see your repository modifications getting replicated on the auto-checkout folder on disk. 

Please make sure to run the version command as the same machine user account that is used to run the Zoom service. If the service was started as one user and the command is run as another, the problem will not be resolved! 


If the above step does not resolve the problem, and if your setup is a fresh one where you only have the folder structure from the server, but no files or if you have relatively fewer number of files, you could reset the state and start afresh. Here is how: 

  • Navigate to the target location where the files are expected to be auto-checked out.
  • Delete the folders created under the root here. (For example, if you have configured the Zoom repository path /defproj/ACO in your server’s auto-checkout settings, and your target location on disk is \\common-share\library, then delete the path \\common-share\library\defproj if it exists)
  • Repeat the auto-checkout sequence to see if it works now. 
In case of any errors, you could enable additional logging as described in this post for more details. 

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