Enforce Password Policy

Zoom 7.6.3 onward, admins will be able set and enforce password policy for external users.
In the future, this policy will be extended to apply on Zoom internal users as well.

Note: Password policy is enforced only when Zoom Realm is in use, that means users are managed by Zoom server and stored on the Zoom database.
In case of external Identity Provider(IDP), password policy is enforced by IDP.

Configure Password Policy

Password policy will only apply when external users belong to Zoom Realm and use Basic authentication mechanism.

  1. Login to Zoom Web Management Console. Usually: https://zoom-server:9443.
  2. Go to > System > Control Panel > Password Policy Settings.
  3. Change the password policy as required.
  4. Save to apply the changes.

Default Password Policy

  1. By default password policy is set to 16 characters.
  2. It should have minimum one digit (number).
  3. It should have minimum one symbol. Like: $,! etc…
  4. It should have one lowercase and one uppercase letter.

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