Zoom Properties in Web Management Console

From Zoom 7.3 onwards, zoom properties can be added through the Web Management Console. These are synced with other Zoom Server peers, Preview Servers, Curator Servers, and Zoom Clients.

To add a property, follow these steps:

  1. In the Web Management Console, open the Server Zoom Properties page under the System node in the Admin Menu sidebar.
  2. Choose your desired location from the Locations dropdown and click Add.

  3. Select a property from the Properties list. The property is added to the Property box below the list.

  4. Specify a value for the Value textbox and click >> to copy the property value pair to the Selected Properties list.

  5. Optionally, select another property from the Properties list so that it shows in the Property box.

  6. Again, specify a value and click >> to move this property to the Selected Properties list. Optionally, add more properties as mentioned above.
  7. Vice versa, you can also select one or more properties from the Selected Properties list box and click Delete to remove it from the selection.

  8. When you are satisfied with the properties and their values in the Selected Properties list, click Submit to add those properties to the selected location.
  9. A saved successfully prompt confirms the same. You can see the newly added properties in the properties list for that location now.

  10. Optionally, add more properties for this or other locations as mentioned above.
  11. When a location is selected in the Locations box, you can also select an existing property for the location and click Edit to modify that property value. Select one or more properties and click Delete to delete those properties.

The properties are now saved for the desired location. These will be synced to any Zoom Client (or Preview Server) when this location is set for them in their own zoom.properties file.

In case of a conflict, if the same property is already present on the client, the property from the Zoom Server will be replaced over the client’s zoom.properties value.